December 1, 2022

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How will the 2021 Guardian 1 play off the playoffs?

Bachchuka-Sivas and Atlas-Tigress stand alone in card 1 ons 2021 repurchase contests

The regular phase of Cart 1 Ons 2021 is over, and Cruz Azul, USA, Puebla and Monterrey have got the rest of the first round and are waiting for the winners in the quarterfinals of the resumption.

Santos, Lyon, Atlas, Pacquiao, Chivas, Tigres, Toluca and Guerrero will all be looking to settle in the league when they meet again next weekend.

And then inside ESPN Digital We present to you how the playoffs and the teams that have already reached the quarterfinals have changed:

Santos Versus. Curatoro

Headquarters: DSM Corona

Galos Blancos de Guerrero was the last club to qualify for the playoffs. Hector ‘awful’ Altamirano’s team lost against Lyon on the last day and they had to wait for many results to win the regular stage.

After the end of the Poomas, the team playing in La Corridor will advance to the quarterfinals against Santos, who finished fifth after failing to beat Puebla on the 17th.

Leon Versus. Toluca

Headquarters: Lyon Stadium

The Liga MX champion wanted to qualify directly for the quarterfinals, but was unable to do so despite winning on the final day. With Ignacio Ambris initially dismissed as TD del Lyon and motivated to win the championship twice, the Banas Verdes must first meet Tolu with their intentions.

The Red Devils, for their part, qualified for the playoffs despite losing the last game of the Kart 1Ans 2021 against Bravo de Juarez. Hernனn Cristண்டnde hopes to play in the quarterfinals for the first time since Aberdeen 2018.

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Atlas Versus. Tigers

Headquarters: Jalisco Stadium

Ricardo Ferretti is about to say goodbye to the Tigers and want to do it at the championship. The first hurdle for the Regios is Atlas, who won 2-0 at the regular stage.

The Foxes, for their part, are motivated to avoid deportation and qualify for the finals of a tournament for the first time since Aberdeen 2017.

Pachuka Versus. Sivas

Headquarters: Hidalgo Stadium

The first playoff match to be closed was Pachuka Versus. Sivas. The Guadalajara team closed unbeaten in four games, including three wins, which featured in the playoffs, which seemed impossible for those led by Vector Manuel Vusetic.

Now, the Rojiblanco team is meeting with Tuzo to try to improve on what has been done in past matches, in which Sivas qualified through the playoffs and was eliminated to the semifinals.

At the regular point, Shivas and Pachuka equalized at one point.

Qualifying for the quarterfinals

Retrieving matches

(5)Against (12)

(6)Against (11)

(7) Against (10)

(8) Against (9)