November 30, 2022

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How often should a dog eat according to science

Like humans, dogs need special care so that their lives are like their masters. Therefore, food is essential; Thus, it is known that they also need protein, fiber, calcium, carbohydrates and mineral vitamins.

According to Ray Juan Carlos, president of the Animal and Society Association of the University of Spain, a balanced, natural diet with selected ingredients for their age, size and physical activity needs will help prolong the life of our faithful friend. Allow to enjoy together for a long time.

The same characteristics should be taken into account when knowing how much a dog should eat per day and how to distribute its food. It They should avoid feeding every time they ask because their health may be affected.

Portal specializing in home health, HomemaniaExplained how many times a day to eat depending on the condition of the pet:

  • Senior dog: A dog is considered to be aging or aging when it tends to reduce its mobility, thus reducing the capacity of its gut. At this point, it is advisable to increase the services to three daily services.

It should be noted that the breed of dog and the recommendations of the veterinarian should be taken into account. For example, chihuahuas need to eat five meals a day to keep their glucose levels steady.

On the other hand, There is human food that animals can eatExpert portal Caesarway Indicates that there are foods that can be eaten without problem. These are some of the most recommended:

1. Cooked chicken: Cooked or baked chicken meat can add flavor to regular meals and add extra protein to the animal’s diet. On the other hand, if you run out of purine, it will act as a meal time substitute.

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2. Cheese: According to the expert portal, cheese is a tasty treat for dogs, as long as they are not lactose intolerant. However, this should be a small percentage. On the other hand, in addition to the amount of fat, it is important to check the dog’s reaction, as it is best to give him something low in fat.

3. Carrots: Carrots are a good food for dog teeth, as they are low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamin A and antioxidants, which are beneficial to animal health.

4. Yogurt: This product is rich in calcium and protein, so it is good for hair; However, choose yogurt that does not contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars. Yogurt can help improve a dog’s digestion.

5. Salmon: Being a good source of protein, it is rich in healthy fats such as omega 3, which will keep the dog’s coat healthy and shiny. In addition, it provides vitamins that enhance the dog’s immune system. According to experts, this dish should be cooked, and even oil can be added to its diet and fish skin.