December 6, 2022

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Houston got the biggest bonus in World Series history – a full swing

By Guillermo Sanchez

Every baseball player’s dream is to reach the World Series championship ring in MLB and the Houston Astros are no exception.

But we can’t ignore the economic boost that goes hand in hand with trophies. The Astros hold the record for the most money for draft picks when they were champions in 2017, when they each earned a round of $438,901.57. Until today…

Each member of this year’s team takes home a modest $516,347. The increase is due to the newborn wild card series agreed to in a new collective bargaining agreement earlier this year.

To put this in global context, it’s good to remember that the Atlanta Braves’ postseason crown for winning the World Series in 2021 is roughly $397,000 each.

Astros: $516,347 (59)
Phillies: $296,255 (72)
Parents: $152,709 (70)
Yankees: $145,820 (72)
Guardians: $45,795 (60)
Braves: $44,878 (60)
Marines: $42,221 (69)
Dodgers: $36,148 (82)
Cardinals: $10,351 (63)
Blue Jays: $10,007 (68)
Value: $9,480 (68)
Rays: $8,387 (79)