September 30, 2022

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House of Representatives seeks citizenship for dreamers and farm workers | Univision Immigration News

House Democrats will try on Thursday to vote on two bills that include the path to citizenship. Dreamers And agricultural workers.

Both initiatives are part of an ambitious plan Immigration Reform Approved by the President Joe Biden, But it was delayed due to lack of Republican support.

“We are pushing for two key areas of reform that have the support of the majority of Americans,” a Democratic source told UN Notice. “It’s hard to say no to these two groups of immigrants, many of whom have long been in the country, paying taxes and establishing families.”


One of the initiatives is similar to HR 6 entitled ‘Dreams and Promises Act’. The scheme is a path for the youth to come to the country before the age of 16 and get citizenship Dreamers. Beneficiaries will be eligible for legal permanent residency and then become U.S. citizens through naturalization.

The second plan, called the ‘Act for the Modernization of Agricultural Workers’ (HR 1537), will include a similar route (approximately 5.2 million) for farmers.

Both projects provide a way out Citizenship Temporary Protected Status (DPS) for humanitarian program holders and essential undocumented workers.

“These measures have great support from the American people and are essential to the public health response and economic recovery,” said FWT, a lobby group of leaders in the technology community, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Dropbox.

Sleep rule

Human Resource Initiative 6 will provide a permanent legislative solution Dreamers It will bring an end to the years in which they lived.

In February, Senators Dick Durbin (Illinois Democrat) and Lindsay Graham (Republic of South Carolina) presented a similar edition to the upper house. Once the legal permanent residence is obtained, the beneficiaries of the initiative can apply for citizenship when they meet the requirements established by the Immigration Act.

The American Association of Immigration Lawyers (AILA) has stated that “if passed, the bill would allow thousands of immigrants to apply for legal permanent residency status and eventually obtain citizenship if certain requirements are met.”

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“We strongly support this important legislation and urge you and your colleagues to consider and approve it in the coming weeks,” the agency said.

In turn, a group of more than 100 companies and unions reminded the Senate in a dream that “our workers are important members of our businesses and communities, and have complied with the laws and regulations of our country to qualify under established conditions.” Drama “.

Farm law

The HR 1537 plan is not new, and when it was first introduced in October 2019, it had bipartisan support. But the scene has changed and he currently has only democratic support.

The original plan was negotiated a few months before the outbreak with the input of agricultural stakeholders and labor organizations. Introduces significant reforms to the H-2A Guest Personnel Program and develops a qualification-based visa program.

Since 2001 Congress It has made several attempts to implement a similar plan to legalize between 1.5 and 2 million farmers, but efforts have been weakened by a lack of adequate bipartisan support and buyouts from unions and the agribusiness sector.

Upper House Edition (S.747) It was introduced by Senator Alex Patila (California) on Tuesday, who is taking the place left by Vice President Harris.

Immediate future

Both Democrats and Republicans have the same number of seats in the upper house. In the event of a tie, the Vice Presidential vote is taken into account Kamala Harris In favor of the Democrats.

The voting rules state that a bill requires 60 votes to pass. In the absence of Republican support for the Democrats, both efforts, once approved, will be sent to the Senate and then returned to the lower house to be included in a reconciliation package, as was done in President Biden’s provocation program. Approved last week.

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If the entire House approves this approach, the package containing both attempts will be sent back to the Senate, this time requiring a simple majority vote (51).

Democrats hope to get the votes of all members of their caucus.

What the Republicans are saying

Republican sources told Univision Notice that they oppose it Immigration Reform They will not discuss bidens and bills for granting citizenship Dreamers And agricultural workers.

“They didn’t talk to us. We are waiting for them to do so. But we oppose a comprehensive plan. For essential farm workers and dreamers, there is an input we want to consider, ”a source said.

In turn, the party’s moderate sector, including La Initiative Libre, supports both plans, but the Senate recognizes that there are no conditions for both programs to receive opposition votes.

Republicans are trying to promote a parallel path to the debate by offering a less generous immigration program than Biden promised to grant citizenship of $ 11 million. Undocumented.

The strategy will cover the path to bring the undocumented out of the shadows, but not through citizenship. There is no guarantee that they will receive the known permanent legal residence (green card), which allows the holder to apply for naturalization after five years.

Labor support

Leaders of the International Labor and Services Union (SEIU) on Tuesday called on lawmakers from both houses of Congress to “do what is right” for essential workers who are endangering themselves day by day, and to pass legislation to keep families united.

“This law recognizes the invaluable sacrifices made every day by undocumented workers who are essential to feed, clean, and operate the United States during these epidemics,” said Rocio Seans, SEIU Executive Vice President.

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“From the housekeepers and guards who disinfect our hospitals and offices, to the health professionals who care for the sick.” Govit-19, And the farmers who harvest our crops, the essential migrant workers who have shown how valuable they are to all of us. They have the opportunity to have peace of mind, plan their lives and take care of their families without fear of deportation, ”he added.

Seans added: “There is a huge contradiction at this time. Our workers consider these workers essential, but at the same time they must be deported because of our passive and inhumane immigration system. That is why SEIU members and essential workers demand respect and protection.”

Key Contributions

According to a recent report released by the, nearly 23 million immigrants work in the United States in essential occupations such as health, agriculture, agricultural services, transportation, and education. That undocumented immigrant is one of the largest groups in the essential workforce. Of them, about 1 million are dreamers.

  • More than two-thirds of undocumented migrant workers have jobs at the forefront of the essential industry;
  • Undocumented immigrants are more likely to sign a contract COVID-19 And occupying positions without the possibility of working from home;
  • Undocumented immigrants not only fill important jobs, but also create jobs that benefit Americans;
  • Nearly 20% of all self-employed workers in the United States are born overseas;
  • Immigrants who benefit from both bills have created their own lives and families in the United States;
  • Thousands of farm workers work without protection against Govt-19;
  • Recent polls suggest that 79% of registered voters support undocumented immigrants on the path to legal citizenship and the path to citizenship.