December 1, 2022

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House of Representatives approves President Biden’s package on social and environmental spending | Univision Political News

The House of Representatives finally passed the Democrats’ comprehensive Social and Environmental Bill on Friday morning after suspending its original plan for granting permission Thursday night due to a delayed maneuver by a minority leader. Kevin McCarthy of the Republican Party

Shortly before the close of the vote, the Caucasus erupted in applause in front of Republicans’ quiet gaze as it became clear that Democrats had approved the plan.

Later, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the final result: 220 votes in favor, 213 votes against. Republicans, who did not vote in favor of the minority, and Jared Golden, a Democrat from Maine, joined in rejecting the bill, one of the pillars of President Biden’s policy.

Golden argued before voting on his Twitter account, “This version of the Built Back Better Act is not the best deal for my constituencies … I will continue to try to make changes … so it lives up to its goals and offers the best deal. The people I represent.

Baptized as planned “Reunite” (“Rebuild together”), About $ 2 trillion (Trillions), depending on the release of a report detailing health, education, climate change, immigration and tax laws, and whether its final review is self-funded by the Budget Office of Congress (CBO). Or will it carry the deficit.

House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called the bill a “transformative law” for the changes they predicted would be introduced into the state’s social network.

President Biden issued a statement saying, “I have made great strides in implementing my economic plan to create jobs, cut costs, make our country more competitive and provide an opportunity for workers and the middle class to fight.”

McCarthy’s marathon speech

On Thursday afternoon, the House of Representatives began the final debate on the legislation after the budget office of the impartial Congress said it would prepare it. Additional federal deficits total $ 367 billion In the next decade.

The debate, which will continue with the approval of the law, was planned to last no longer than an hour, but lasted until 5:00 am because of McCarthy’s marathon speech, in which he not only attacked the law, but the Biden administration, making jokes about the story, and sometimes shouting at Democrats.

“I know some of you are angry with me and you think I’re talking for a long time,” he teased the Democrats. “But I’m enough. America is enough.”

When McCarthy looked back, Democrats shouted at him and yelled at him from time to time, underscoring the deep-seated animosity that led to the censorship of Arizona’s Republican Rep. Paul Kosher this week.

Finally, the session was adjourned until 5:00 am on Friday and the delegates were called in at 8:00 am on Friday to proceed with the final vote.

The law goes to the Senate

“Built-back Better is a wonderful agenda for the future that transforms health care, family care and climate,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to colleagues in de-California, using the name Biden. . He said the move would “make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Americans.”

Biden and other Democrats have said the plan will pay off largely through tax increases on large corporations and rich companies doing business abroad.

Biden signed a $ 1 trillion infrastructure package this week that he has been promoting across the country for the past few days. But it has recently been hit by a drop in approval numbers in polls that reflect voter concerns about inflation, supply chain delays and a persistent corona virus outbreak.

The House Democrats, in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections, are more confident that Republicans will seize control of the House and Senate.