November 28, 2022

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House of Representatives approves infrastructure package following agreement to vote on Biden’s community plan | Univision Political News

The The House of Representatives has approved the infrastructure plan After negotiations between the Progressive and Moderate Democrats, the $ 1.2 billion already approved in the Senate, the bill will now be sent to President Joe Biden’s office.

The move received 228 votes in favor and 206 votes against, with 13 Republicans supporting the move and six Progressive Democrats opposing it.

According to the written agreement, it is required in exchange for the termination of its ban against it Collection of roads, water and other projects, Moderates who opposed the $ 1.75 trillion plan to promote social and environmental projects, promise to support it later this month if official estimates of its price meet expectations.

The deal came after a day of chaos and chaos on Capitol Hill that lasted until Friday night.

After Biden called for a meeting with the Progressive Democrats in the Lower House, he urged Friday night to find a way to break the deadlock and get grassroots lawmakers to vote on the infrastructure package.

On Thursday night, the Democrats were finally able to reconcile positions that had been in conflict with conservative and progressive factions for months. However, The deal did not survive Friday morning, Thus forcing a new postponement of the project.

The community project is pending

Approval of the House of Commons under Pitton’s ambitious initiative is an inevitable step. Expand hygiene, The Child care and other social services Providing and providing the nation’s largest investment in the fight against climate change.

In that event, the fate of the project lies with Democratic Senator Joe Munchin of West Virginia, who has so far refused to approve them.

Due to a weak democratic majority in the Senate, Mancin has almost no veto power over these bills.