December 10, 2022

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Hospital for Abdominal Pain Jair Bolsanaro

(CNN Espasol) – Brazilian President Jair Bolzano was admitted to the Brasilia Armed Forces Hospital on Wednesday with abdominal pain, our affiliate CNN Brazil reported, citing sources at the Planaldo Palace.

According to CNN Brazil, the president was taken to hospital the night he was in pain and is undergoing medical tests.

In 2018, Bolzano was attacked at a campaign event and had to undergo surgery after sustaining multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.

According to the Special Secretariat for Social Relations in Brazil, Bolzano was admitted to the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia under the guidance of his medical team for tests to investigate the cause of the hiccups that cause abdominal pain.

The Special Secretariat for Communications said: “On medical advice, the president will be under observation for 24 to 48 hours, not necessarily at the hospital. He is excited and performs well. “

Bolzano has been suffering from hiccups for the past one week. According to sources, the president is doing well.

The feasibility of having surgery to remove a hernia in the abdomen is also being assessed in the coming months.

With information from CNN’s Rodrigo Petroso in Sao Paulo and the Larry Register in Atlanta

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