September 29, 2022

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Hope! “Neymar will play with Messi, but in Persia,” Curie promised

Andre Curie, who worked as an agent for Neymar Jr., has been in the Brazilian market for many years since then. He has been a trusted man in Barcelona, ​​surprising everyone with his statement to the Argentine media, El Litoral. Curi noted the future of Lionel Messi and the current star of Paris Saint-Germain: “Neymar is going to play with Messi, but not at PSG, at Barcelona,” he said. “I doubt another team can do this“, He added.

“Neymar is going to play with Messi, but not at PSG, at Barcelona”

Curie explained that two seasons ago Bar பார்a were, in his opinion, “too short” to bring back the cracks, leading Bar 2015a to a two-fold triple in team history in 2015. “Yes, that’s right, two years ago when Barcelona told me to do that we tried to sign him again. We were very close to taking the whole exchange from Paris to Barcelona”, He stressed.

Considering the new panorama around Barcelona, ​​the new president of the club, Jon LaBorte, is challenging Cue on the possibilities of making the event seem impossible today:I think La Porte is a good president for Barcelona and he can reunite them”, He assured El Littoral. Considering this vain and Labord is seeking to acquire a ‘galaxy’ service, Ghee’s return with a promising game plan will become a reality.

Cue is hopeful that the return of the Brazilian star could happen, according to his wishes. “I want to see Ney again with Leo, but I want to be in Barcelona… It will be in Barcelona and they will never be separated. I will be very happy to bring them back together, ”he stressed. “Neymar has opened the doors to Barcelona and the Catalan people know he did something wrong. After a while he himself recognized it,” he said.

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Messi stays

Similarly, Curie reiterated his view that Lionel Messi would not leave Persia:I think Leo will not leave Parsia … he will not leave. Leo started and wanted to end his history in Europe with the Barcelona shirt. It’s very clear to me, “he said.