November 28, 2022

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Honduras voted 2020 Ballon d’Or: How Messi was chosen as the best man in the world – Den

Childbirth of Ballon d’Or 2021 One of the most closed and controversial in the last decade when delivering to Argentina Lionel Messi Award for the best player of the season over Poland Robert Lewandowski.

Messi, Copa del Rey champion and league goal scorer Barcelona, In addition to taking personal gifts USA Cup Won by his Argentina team in July, he was voted the best footballer of the year by a joint poll of 180 reporters from around the world, who voted their respective before the award; The jurors were selected by the French Football Magazine.

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A journalist and statistician stood among Honduran honorary voters Francisco Antonio Rivas, Which belongs to the Radio Catholica network and was selected by the French media to offer its liking for the latest awards, which usually chose the Argentine star, so this year is no exception.

Rivas He voted as follows: he was followed by Luis Suarez in fifth place, Cristiano Ronaldo in fourth, Italian Jorjinho on stage and above him, second best player Lewandowski.

Rivas, Who voted ManĂ© for fifth place in the 2019 Ballon d’Or, followed by De Ligt, ‘Lewa’, CR7 and Leo, and the French press voted for this year’s Yashim Award for Best Goalkeeper. At this award, he had no doubt that Donorumma was in first place, leaving out John Oblock and Diego Keeler Navas.

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International football’s recognition of French football is highly esteemed, however, and the majority of fans disagree with some of the elections held by voters in some countries:

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Brazil, The only South Americans who did not include Messi in the top five were: 1. De Bruyne, 2. Jorgenho, 3. Mbabane, 4. Lukaku and 5. Neymar.

Arbitration Forum Savior Mocked by ESPN journalist Fernando Palomo, he says not all guanacos think like Bruno Posio: 1. Jorjinho, 2. Sterling, 3. Lewandowski, 4. de Bruyne and 5. Lukaku

-On Portugal, Cricitano What went unnoticed: 1. Conte, 2. Lewandowski, 3. Mbabane, 4. Georginho and 5. Salah.

Guatemala Put: 5. Giorgio Cilini, 4. Latoro Martinez and 3. Nicolo Parella.

Uzbekistan Young Englishman Mason Mount was second.

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