September 27, 2022

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Honduras stands firm against Canada, but continues to beat it with a goal from Kevin Lopez!


67 ‘ Change in Canada:
Entered: Chail Lorin
Left: Richie Laria

66 ‘ Change in Honduras:
Entered: Brian Moya
Left: Louis Palma

65Yellow card to Honduran player Rommel Kyoto.

63 ‘ Alfonso Davis tried the dynamite, but slipped before execution, and the ball went the other way.

62 ‘ Canada in support of the Friendly Free Throw Frame. Goal risk against Honduras.

59 ‘ Change in Canada:
Entered: Sam Adekukpe
Left: Jr. Hoylett

59 ‘ Change in Canada:
Entered: Mark Anthony Kay
Left: Adiba Hutchinson

59 ‘ Change in Canada:
Entered: Jonathan David
Came out: Iké Ugbo

59 ‘ Change in Canada:
Entered: Donil Henry
Left: Steven Vittoria

57 ‘ Yellow card to Honduran player Deibi Flores.

56 ‘ Milan is the unproductive center of Rommel Kyoto on its way to the Bourgeois.

46Change in Honduras:
Entered: Alans Vargas
Left: Carlos Melendus

Start the Plugin Phase: National team to retain advantage in the Olympics against Canadians.

End of first half: Honduras beat Canada 1-0 with a single from Kevin Lopez. Canadians tried against Pupa Lopez but to no avail.

39 ‘ Yellow card to Junior Hoylett, a Canadian player.

32 ‘ Desperate shot by Kevin Lopez. The “H” continues to form but does not come clear.

31 ‘ Yellow card to Alastair Johnston of Canada.

30 ‘ Canada manages to capture the ball, but Honduras likes it well. Alfonso Davis, for now, is well covered.

23 ‘ On the right is Rommel Kyoto’s hot center for national progress. Canada suffers, but they are clear when they attack.

22 ‘ Alfonso Davis is uncontrollable. The heavy court makes it very dangerous. Honduras saved from its football.

Fifteen ‘ When Canada was better, when Junior Hoylett was forgiven twice, Honduras appeared and they took first place in the competition in the first action.

13 ‘GOOOOOLLLLLL from Honduras! Kevin Lopez received the first score of “H”. Kyoto’s center was left to a defensive error for Kevin and he scored the first goal from the right.

12 ‘ Hoylet shoots Honduras again, but apologizes. The ball went into the hands of Pupa Lopez.

7 ‘ Kervin Ariaga’s foul against Alfonso Davis.

5 ‘ Yellow card to Stephen Vitoria of Canada.

4Shot by Hoylett, he came in well but the shot was deflected.

Two ‘ First visit from Honduras via the right port. Kevin Lopez wanted to cross, but he himself intercepted.

Launched! Honduras and Canada face each other in the wet field of the SPS Olympic Stadium.

Now the most beautiful anthem in the world sounds; Called Honduras.

The Canadian anthem sounds at the Olympics.

Honduras goalkeepers come out hot before the fight against the Canadians.

The Canadian team is very happy on the field of the Colossus of Sampetrono.

Honduras can not trust Edwin Rodriguez, who suffered from Govit-19 disease. Olympia’s steering wheel is insulated but fixed.

Honduras is already on the battlefield. Katrachos will try to beat the mighty Canada.

Directed by John Hertmann came between music and silence. They got off the bus very carefully and went to the field.

Canadians are coming to the metropolis. The World Cup players came with it all, and Alfonso Davis commands the North American team.

Ten from the Olympics

Canadian delegation reaches Sampetrono Colossus.

Two fans outside the Olympic Stadium two hours before Honduras-Canada.

Officials at the Olympic Stadium have taken the canvas off as it began to rain in San Pedro Sula. The field of the sampetrono block is closed.

Welcome minute by minute from the Olympic Stadium to Honduras vs Canada.


The Honduras national team Measured tonight (8:00) In view Canada For the third day Concacaf Nations League Group c Which will be arrangedl Metropolitan Olympic Stadium.

In the group with equal points (3), the Cadrocho team took the lead Diego Vasquez, To position yourself in the first place in the levels you need to win, and thus succeed “Final Four” And direct classification Gold Cup.

However, the Katracha delegation today (1-2) lost to Curaao on the same platform as the locals against the Canadians.

The Maple Leafs, on the other hand, are the current leaders because they won by four goals against the Islanders on June 9th.

This may be of interest to you: On a charter flight late at night, the Canadian team arrived just before the fight against Honduras at the Olympics.

Canada, led by John Hertman, came with its flagship Statistics, among them: Dajon Buchanan, Alfonso Davis and Jonathan David stamping out their classification.

For this determination, H alone provides the reduction Jerry Pengson, but he has the young blood experience of Brian Roses, Rommel Kyoto, the ousted Rubilio Castillo and Luis Palma.

Possible rows:

Honduras: Luis Lopez, Wesley Texas, Carlos Melandes, Denil Maldonado, Mailer Nunes, Kervin Ariaga, Debbie Flores, Jose Pinto, Edwin Rodriguez, Rommel Kyoto, Brian Roses.

Canada: Milan Porgen, Alastair Johnston, Steven Vittoria, Kamal Miller, Sam Adecope, Dajon Buchanan, Adiba Hutchinson, Stephen Eustachio, Alfonso Davis, Sail Lorin, Jonathan David

How is the Gold Cup classified?

There are 12 direct quotes for the next edition of the most important Concacaf exam. League A will send eight participants and B four.

The remaining four tickets will be defined between the 12 teams that finish last (and third) in League A, second in B and first in C.

These teams will play each other in the Gold Cup qualifying round, which usually takes place a few days before the match. At this time, the dates and format of the playoffs are not yet known for the match.