December 7, 2022

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Honduras Progresso – Justin Arboleda arrives from the bench to give Olympia a double victory over Diaz.

Welcome to the minute by minute Olympia Vs Honduras Progresso!

MIN 90 + 5 Final Olympia won! Albos suffered but Eustin Arpolada doubled the lead off the bench (2-1). The Colombians came to place the order and added their first victory in the National area in this Aberdera.

MIN 90 Five minutes are added to the game; Olympia seeks to finish the race, with Honduras Progresso defending himself.

MIN 84 Cool of Olympia; Justin Arpolada again. After an amazing play to the left of Jose Mario Pinto, the Colombian put his foot in and out.

MIN 80 Bayern Mundes shot off Etrik Menzewar’s frame.

MIN 76 In the fifth shift of the progressives, Dixon Ramirez entered and Julian “Diorita” Martinez left.

MIN 74 A fourth change from the Honduran Progresso, Baron Mundes enters the Oscars.

MIN 73 Olympia’s last change, Gaston Diaz left and Felix Chrisando entered.

MIN 72 Yellow to Vector Arrows from Hopnturas Progresso.

MIN 70 Olympia Cool; Eustin Arpolada headed the tie after receiving a nice cross to the right from Christian Altamirano.

MIN 67 Eddie Hernandez entered between Boose and George “El Toro” Penguche and made his debut in the match.

MIN 63 Arpoleda’s shot gives him a punch and passes to Progresso Cole’s right post.

MIN 62 Yellow to Diego Reyes who gives an incredible kick to Scar Salas.

MIN 61 Olympia makes two more changes: Diego Reyes and Eustin Arpolada enter, Johnny Leverkusen and Jerry Pengson leave the field.

MIN 54 The second change for Honduras was that Colombia’s Oscar Lukume left the place to former Real Spain’s Patrick Palacios.

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MIN 53 Yellow card for “Patón” Mejía.

MIN 52 Eddie Hernandez defeated him. Forward is charging at the feet of the Colombian goalkeeper and Honduras makes this record.

MIN 51 Olympia fined; Midfielder Christian Saxa knocked down Christian Altamirano in the area and referee Valladares did not hesitate to let him.

MIN 50 The Goston Diaz Center and Jose Garcia appeared in areas he could not define.

MIN 49 Close dive Olympia; Jose Mario Pinto filtered to the left and sent the precision cross, but was unable to close by Christian Aldamirano.

MIN 46 The second half starts at National

MIN 46 First change at Olympia: Loro Similio left, he entered Christian Altamirano.

MIN 46 Honduras Progresso moves bank: Thomas Sorto exits and Daniel Quiras enters.

MIN 45 The first half ends in Nacional. Honduras defeated Olympia with the best goal scored by Sakasa.

MIN 40 Cool of Honduras Progresso, Christian Sakasa scored a good goal and they start to beat the lion. The advanced one got like a knife in butter.

MIN 37 Yellow to Jonathan Bass for making a strong tackle on Julian Martinez.

Olympia midfielder German Mejia gets between two Honduran Progresso markers. Photos by Marvin Salcado

MIN 32 The terrible mistake of the pioneer of Honduras Progresso, Oscar Luke, was unable to score alone against Menja.

MIN 18 Christian Sakasa’s shot and goalkeeper Edrik Menzover sent it to the corner kick.

MIN 13 Jerry Pengson’s worst defeat. He broke the law and pardoned Olympia Honduras.

Olympia can’t be with Honduras Progresso, which makes him a smart game nationally. Photos by Marvin Salcado

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MIN 9 Wrong in favor of Olympia, Johnny Lever comes to the collection.

MIN 6 The ugly fall of Edwin Rodriguez after colliding with Julian Martinez.

MIN 1 The game starts at National. Olympia is already playing against Honduras Progresso.

On the 11th day of Olympia: Edrik Manjer, Gaston Diaz, Jonathan Boss, Johnny Leverkusen, Jose Mario Pinto, German Magia, Loro Similio, Edwin Rodriguez, Jerry Pentzen and Eddie Hernandez DD Pedro Troclio.

The Honduran Progresso is as follows: Andres Salazar, Vector Ars, Edwin Maldonado, Arnoldo Arbina, Oscar Salas, Juan Bolanoz, Julian Martinez, Oscar Lukume, Christian Sacasa, Oscar Gonzalez and Thomas Sorto.

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Game sheets

Olympia vs Honduras Progresso
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: National Stadium
Broadcast: Diego Games and