December 7, 2022

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Honduras is once again snatching tickets for the Olympics from the United States

This Sunday, March 28, the United States and Honduras met in the semi-finals of the Olympic Games before the Confederations Cup with the aim of winning tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; The USA came off as one of the most favorite of the tournament, but the ‘H’ showed the quality of its players, and after a superb game and an error by American goalie David Ochoa’s team Jason Grease has been ruled out of the Olympics.

The game started with a Honduras, which showed a better deal with the ball and the intent to cause damage first, Miguel Floro’s team was very connected He wanted to surprise American goalkeeper David Ochoa with short and medium distance shots, however, he was very firm in his hands to avoid danger.

America took a while to respond, Louis had a good chance at the age of 12 ‘ A center pass from the corridor on the right was deflected by the Honduran goalkeeper but the No. 7 failed to make a good shot and the ball bounced off the field.

After light flashes between the two national teams, the Honduran team won first until extra time. After a free kick rejected from the American area, the ball almost reached midfield, Rodriguez returned to send the round to that area, passing the center and falling to second. Maldonado re-centered his head and O’Brien threw everything with his body to push the ball. And sing the first goal of the match.

The second half started with more issues for the ‘stars and lines’ selection David Ochoa had a clear mistake at the age of 47 ‘, Because his defense was safe with him, he did not clear the round, he wanted to go out to play, and Palma scored his pass 2-0.

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‘H’ was 3-0 up at 51, but Reyes was unable to pass to save the ball, almost immediately when he was inside the area and the frame opened. Yule scored a goal from a long distance to bring his team closer.

Yule and Louise had two very important interventions after America’s first goal, but both Honduras’ defense as the target of Keiti is enormous They did not pass anything and even created controversy by imposing fines in favor of the North American team, but the referee decided there was none.

The match ended with Honduras taking the ticket to Tokyo 2020. Cataracts continue to dominate the United States.

Pre-Olympic final

Honduras will face ET next Tuesday, March 30 at 8:00 pm at Omnife Life Stadium. We will meet the rival at the end of the meeting between Mexico and Canada, which will play in the other semi-final.