December 10, 2022

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Honduras has called up qualifying matches against Canada, El Salvador and the United States


The Honduras national team, Is the last in the position Qatar 2022 Of the area Concacaf, Has changed his call for the date three times FIFA January-February.

Colombian coach Hernan Tario Gomez Called a total of 26 footballers to local tournaments Canada Y Savior On January 27 and 30 and February 2, respectively To us. He recruited 8 soldiers.

The absence of players within the call stands alone Debbie Flores, Alex Lopez Y Andy Nazar, Heavyweights in two colors, but those who include extraordinary footballers in these matches Kevin Lopez, Christian Sakasa, Wisdom Quay Y Devron Garcia.

‘Polilo’ Gomes In his exhibition, after falling friendship against Colombia, It was clear in mentioning that there were players on that list, he was going to believe, that was the case.

Albert Ellis, The big figure of “H”, was summoned even though it was speculated that he was not coming. The player spends a special moment Bordeaux Despite this, he chose to accept the invitation.

Honduras Will resume participation in this tie, which is the worst in decades for two-color, playing two home games on January 27th and 30th. Olympic From San Pedro Sula When it closes in the cold Minnesota Against To us.

The “H” has accumulated next Sunday San Pedro Sula Legionnaires will be added later along with the national ring footballers; Training sessions on Monday begin to prepare for the duels.

Invited to the Honduran national team

Luis Lopez – Real Spain
Etrick Mengever – Olympia
Roberto Lopez – Life

Manor Fikurova – without team
Denil Maldonado – Mottagua
Wisdom Quay – The Real Espana
Omar Elvir – Motagua
Franklin Flores – Real Spain
Tevron Garcia – Real Spain
Marcelo Santos – Motagua
Alans Vargas – Marathon

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Kerwin Arriaga – Marathon
Juan Delcado – Mottagua
Edwin Rodriguez – Olympia
George Alvarez – Olympia
Diego Rodriguez – Motagua
Christian Sakasa – Honduras Progresso
Kevin Lopez – Communications (Guatemala)
Alfredo Mejia – Levadiogos (Greece)
Brian Acosta – Colorado Rapids (USA)
Jonathan Rubio – Educator (Portugal)

Albert Ellis – Bordeaux (France)
Rommel Kyoto – Montreal CF (Canada)
Anthony Lozano – Cadiz (Spain)
Brian Moya
Brian Roses – National (Portugal)