November 28, 2022

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Honduras – Aberdura qualifies for the semi-finals of the 2021 Summit by defeating the marathon at the Olympia National

Minute by minute from Olympia VS. Marathon for REPECHAFT Round

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Finish the contest! Olympia defeated the marathon 3-0, and Aberdera qualified for the semi-finals of 2021 3-1.

90 ‘ The referee notes a 3-minute change in National.

Change in Olympia: Felix Chrisando enters Jerry Pentsen in the 86th minute.

Olympia’s GOOOOOOOOOOL! Diego Reyes won the marathon 84-0 3-0. They grab their ticket to the semifinals of Albos Aberdura.

80 & # 39; The brilliant centerpiece to the right by Jose Mario Pinto rises again in the area, forcing Denovan to make an attempt to escape from Torres and push the Eddie net.

GOOOOOOOOOOOL of Olympia! Eddie Hernandez marks a 2-0 marathon in the 80th minute.

Yellow Jose Aguilera Del Marathon 79th minute due to lack of time.

78 ‘ Jonathan Bass conceded a corner kick after a dangerous cross on the right. In the previous play Bengtson tried to activate the ED in the area, but the green defense intercepted.

Change in the marathon: Byron Rodriguez enters the Christian Gallix team in the 77th minute.

Search! Eddie Hernandez’s header saved by Denovan Torres before Jerry Pengson’s harassment in the 74th minute.

Changes in Olympia: Carlos Pineda and Edwin Rodriguez were joined by German Mejia and Diego Reyes in the 72nd minute.

Yellow Edwin Rodriguez in the 71st minute.

69 ‘ Jose Mario Pinto tried to make a find in the area and ended up on the ground after Luis Vega’s mark. His teammates asked for a penalty, but the referee said there was none.

68 ‘ Edwin Solani fell in that area and asked the referee for the mistake Brian Beckles made, but the referee said go ahead.

Get out! In the center of Jorge Alvarez on the right is Eddie Hernandez connecting high with a header. The marathon was saved in the 67th minute.

Search! Double header in the area, Brian Castillo came out, but easily recovered by Etrik Menziwar in the 64th minute.

Marathon change: Selvin Guevara entered for Frelis Lopez in the 63rd minute.

Changes in Olympia: Eddie Hernandez and Jorge Alvarez added in the 62nd minute for Jorge Penguche and Christian Altamirano.

59 ‘ Long ball and Denovan leave the area to defend the ball, but George takes Penguin’s mark and serves it to a teammate.

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Search! The leaked ball to Jerry Pengson forces Denov to hold the ball in anticipation. Saved at Morton 57.

Search! Christian Altamirano on the right sends a dangerous cross that forces Denovo to go outside and stay with the ball. Olympia pressures54.

52 ‘ The free kick taken by Edwin Rodriguez was easy for Denovan Torres.

50 ‘ Jose Mario Pinto got a free kick for Olympia from the left. The white midfielder goes to the far post that Penguche failed to reach.

Search! George Penguin’s header went near the post. Stored at Marathon 47.

Yellow 46 minutes to the Reynolds Mayer Queen’s Del Marathon.

Changes in the marathon: Reynolds Mayerquin and Michael Santos enter for Isaac Castillo and Matthias DeSera.

The second part begins! Olympia 1-0 Marathon. If the match ends with this score, the semifinalist will be defined by a penalty.

The end of the first part! Olympia beat the marathon 1-0 in the rematch round. If the total is 1-1 and the draw lasts, the semi-finalist will be limited by penalties.

45 ‘ The referee notes a change of 3 minutes at the National Stadium.

Yellow Minute 42 for Isaac Castillo.

41 ‘ Altamirano got up from the center right of Jose Mario Pinto to the far post and sent his head into the nets.

Olympia’s GOOOOOOOOOOL! Christian Altamirano scored 1-0 against the marathon in the 41st minute.

Yellow The marathon coach, Martin “Tato” Garcia, claimed the right in the 40th minute.

Sorry! Christian Altamirano smashed three points through the center of the field and took a high shot from the front. The marathon was saved at 38 years old.

Search! Aldamirano’s center on the right, unable to straighten Jose Mario Pinto. Stored at Marathon 37.

Get out! Jose Garcia is centered on the right side of the riser and connects the deflection. Olympia forgives 35.

Yellow Edwin made a mistake against Rodriguez in the 34th minute for Luis Carrido.

Yellow Carlos Pineda with an elbow against the opponent in the 32nd minute.

31 ‘ Jerry Pengson’s header in the easy reach of goalkeeper Denovan Torres’ feet.

Search! The shot from the front of Christine Altamirano went close to the frame guarded by Denovan Torres. Save on Marathon 30.

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Change in Marathon: Brian Castillo enters Mario Martinez, who retired in the 29th minute due to injury.

27 ‘ Jorge Benguché tried on the wall with Christian Altamirato, but left it in front and ended up expecting Denovan Torres.

26 ‘ Marathon medical team bandages Mario Martinez’s leg. Complain that the steering wheel is an irritant.

Search! Allan Vargas won the possession on the right and sent the cross saved by Etrik before the arrival of Freilis Lopez. Olympia saved in 25 minutes.

23 ‘ Javier Portillo’s dangerous cross on the left, but Purslane eliminates security risk.

22 ‘ Free kick taken by Mario Martinez is easy for Etrik Menziwar. Greens lose the dangerous option.

19 ‘ Luis Carrido’s fault against Edwin Rodriguez. Free kick in support of Olympia from the front.

18 ‘ Edwin Solani got a free kick in the center of the field. With the game closed, there are still no goal options in the National.

15 ‘ Referee Side Martinez pardoned Matthias Decora for a second yellow card for a shot from the back against Javier Portillo. Only the whistle was strong in his eye.

15 ‘ Javier Portillo’s mistake against Mario Martinez on the right. Dangerous free kick in support of the marathon.

Search! Mario Martinez’s free kick to the post by Alan Vargas, but the game was not counted due to an advancing lead in the 12th minute.

10 ‘ Edwin Solani tried to make a pass to the right, but the ball slipped at the end line.

9 ‘ Edwin Solano gets a throw-in on the left. The greens try to shake off the white pressure.

Yellow For the Mathias Techera del Marathon in 7 minutes.

5 ‘ Jose Garcia gets a foul on three quarters of the court. Free kick in support of Olympia.

3 ‘ Javier Portillo admitted a throw-in to the marathon. The greens are caught in the forward position after it is collected.

2 ‘ The ball leaked to Jose Pineta, but the ball bounced off the finish line. At this start Olympia comes out stressed.

Start the game Olympia Vs. The marathon for the repechage round of the Apertura 2021 competition. Total 1-0 in favor of Emerald.

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2:57 pm Olympia and marathon starting teams enter the field. The Replacement Return Classic is about to begin.

2:55 pm Coach Pedro Troclio and substitutes come off the field. Headlines will be coming soon.

2:44 p.m. Christian Gallix warms up in the marathon. Tiny steering is headline news today with greens.

2:40 p.m. The Olympia and Marathon teams finish the warm-up and return to the dressing room ready.

Olympia 11th: Edrick Menjívar, José García, Brayan Beckeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, Carlos Pineda, Cristian Altamirano, Edwin Rodríguez, José Mario Pinto, Jorge Benguché and Jerry Bengtson. DT: Pedro Troclio.

Meringue Bench: Alex Quiti, Felix Chrisando, Samuel Cordova, Gaston Diaz, Axel Maldonado, German Majia, Alan Panegas, Jorge Alvarez, Josman Fikurova, Eustin Arbolita, Eddie Hernandez and Diego Reyes.

11th Marathon: Denovan Torres, Luis Vega, Alans Vargas, Matthias Tegera, Jose Aguilera, Luis Carrido, Isaac Castillo, Mario Martinez, Christian Gallix, Freelis Lopez and Edwin Solani. DT Martin “Tato” Garcia.

Emerald Alternatives: Harold Fonseka, John Paul Chuvaso, Selvin Guevara, Byron Rodriguez, Reynolds Mayerquin, Jeffrey Miranda, Victor Ferrios, Brian Castillo, Michael Santos and Luis Ortiz.

2:19 p.m. Clubs are getting ready to go hot on the field. We will know the sequence soon.

2:17 p.m. The moment the Ultra Feel Bar arrived at the National Stadium. Asking to come back today.

2:10 p.m. Olympian athletes at national entry time. Officers smoke their shoes.

2:07 p.m. The moment the Olympia team arrives at the national stadium. Fans were waiting for his arrival.

2:04 p.m. The marathon will not be alone in the National today. Emerald followers can be found on the saddle steps.

1:59 m Olympia fans have flocked to the national stadium in Tegucigalpa.

1:53 p.m. One draw is enough for the greens. Albos need to win by two goals to advance directly to the semifinals. Attendance destination is not worth it here. A 1-0 win for the Whites would force them to define the pass with a penalty.

1:50 p.m. After winning the marathon 1-0 in the capital, the overall advantage is coming.

1:45 p.m. The Olympia and marathon teams are already at the Tegucigalpa National Stadium.

1:40 p.m. Welcome minute by minute to the playoff round between Olympia and the marathon.