May 22, 2022

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Honduran Mauricio DuPont has left the San Francisco Giants and is the new player for the Houston Astros in the MLB.


Confident. Honduras baseball player Mauricio DuPont Swap teams in MLB. He leaves the San Francisco Giants and moves to the Houston Astros.

Both clubs have announced that Astros has acquired the shortstop Mauricio dubo from the Giants in exchange for catcher Mike Papiersky. In addition, Giants infielder Donovan Walton was called up to replace Dupan on the active list and Papiarsky was appointed to the Triple-A Sacramento.

He scored his best home run: This is the marriage of baseball player Mauricio DuPont to the beautiful Sambrana

Mauricio Andre DuPont (27) is the second Honduran player to play for the Astros. Gerald Anthony Young. Played in Houston from 1987 to 1992.

In this 2022, Mauricio DuPont He has scored two home runs in 46 at-bats with the Giants, and he is 15th from the Major League.

This is Dupan’s third team in the MLB, while Honduran was already with the Milwaukee Brewers (where he made his Major League debut on July 7, 2019), and on July 31 he moved to the aforementioned team. San Francisco Giants Now he will go to the Houston Astros.

Personal album by Honduran baseball star Mauricio DuPont

The right to come to Mauritius is 22-11 this season and includes players like Jose Aldue, Ulysses Curiel and Justin Verlander.

The story of Mauricio Dupan

Today it is the most recognizable name for the Colvizula neighborhood in San Pedro Sula. Mauricio Dubón is the genius and figure of the Honduran baseball game not only because he stands alone with the San Francisco Giants in the major leagues, but also because he struggled to achieve it.

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DIEZ returned to its origins, where he collected the stories of his grandmother Norma Maradia and his brother Danilo DuPont, who greeted us at the house where he had seen his childhood, in which he evoked a taste for the ‘little ball game’.

His brother Danilo and his grandmother Norma took care of TEN and told us the most intimate details of DuPont.

‘Thank God Mauricio came to where he was supposed to be, at least I saw him in the Major League; I would say, ‘I hope God gives me the opportunity to see the boy in the Major Leagues,’ “said Donna Norma, one of Dubai’s most important figures since childhood.

Champetrono comes with hot expressive speech and walls of old shutters, the same scenes he released his first shots on. Danilo and his father, of the same name, persuaded Mauricio to choose baseball.

See the full story of Mauricio DuPont, a young man from Sampetrano here.