September 29, 2022

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His ‘surprise’ call to the Cicardo and MLS All-Star team

Mexico City /

Javier Hernandez That was a big surprise. With Mexican Carlos Candle There are elements of that Lead the MLS All-Star team, To the shock they will endure in front of the figures MX League In All-star game August 25.

But nonetheless, CH14 It was He was surprised at the way he received the call Because in this match LA Galaxy I decided to do it in a very strange way and it was over The score fills the recipient with joy Mexican.

And that’s those relatives Cicardo They met Angels To Meet Mexico in an amazing wayYou can see this in the video posted by Angelenos on their social networks.

There you can see how the relatives are CH14 They are waiting for him, while the assailant opens the door and enters to meet his family LAnjaThe cry of “surprise.”; Mexico’s surprised face is evident, and he immediately begins to question his loved ones about what he is doing there.

His relatives, with congratulatory banners, Chicharito is given the shirt he uses in all-star games, With the number 21, when the team did not inform him that he had been selected MLS All-Star Group.

The Cicardo Hernandez Shows a happy face to keep his call and his family close, however could not avoid closing the video to mention it I hope you will recover from your injury Can face the statistics of MX League: “Now I need to heal“, Says the historical score திரி.

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