November 28, 2022

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High tensions on Colombia and Venezuela border: FARC clashes with immigration officials in Aboura for years

Military mobilization in Apur

As commissions of the Special Operations Forces (FAES) and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) set sail from the Caracas and other parts of the country towards the Venezuelan border, Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) also went to the Church of Urdanetta in the state of Apur., To support alternative Ferley. Yesterday, it was Wednesday, March 24th Calls with several guerrilla government officials They had been with him for many years and had a relationship with the military, although some were from Apur They refused Respond to phones.

Due to intense pressure on the border since the decision of the Venezuelan Armed Forces to attack the camp of the alternative Ferley and the area called Arturo on Sunday morning, Some facts have come out vertically.

In the guerrillas’ argument, it was the generals who created these attacks, Especially some from the National Guard and the army, in the state of Apur, where they came into conflict. Top officials have been making it for a long time Lots of noise about their relationship With irregular groups, not wanting to leave the most luxurious and rare state.

Following the killing of two officers by the FARC in Apur

Appointment of Major General (Ex) Head of Comprehensive Security Zone (SOT) Robinson Jose Vera Kumare, According to Resolution 036808, two months before the usual military changes, after they were removed, without any explanation, GT Kimi Jose Chandini Reyes. In the dark framework of the military situation, the General is assassinated, apparently looted. Sergio Necrin Alvarado, When he was going to take over the leadership of Apurin Area Command No.35.

A military source was revealed Infopa What “This relationship between the commanders and the Tenth Front has been mentioned several times since the military operation by Major General Robinson Vera Kumare last year.”, He referred to the event of September 19, 2020, in which a military statement spoke of 15 illegal deaths, whose bodies never appeared. On that occasion, four Venezuelan soldiers were assassinated: Lieutenants Augusto David Linares and Miguel Angel Mora, as well as Sergeants Gabriel Perez Silva and Reaper Sirino Reyes.

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“Those generals Vera Kumare and Corona Priciado have been arguing with the Tenth Front for years over control of the river, especially what they call the Path of Jருre and Los Cட்டrito, where there are also Roman women, where cattle pass through Colombia, the amount of food, iron and anything else. Except that the vaccine for everything that happens there is charged by the Tenth Front ”.

Congressman Orlando Sambrano
Congressman Orlando Sambrano

Sema and Sambrano

The military operation, which resulted in the deaths of Major (former) Edward Raman Korobo Sekovia and First Lieutenant (former) Jonathan Miguel Dwarte on March 21, 2021, when one of the vehicles landed in the Anti-Personal Mine, the FARC he owned was planted in the areas he controlled.

Because of this, Jose Maria Romero or Sema, mayor of the municipality of Peace de Abour, who was an active member of the Venezuelan guerrilla group Bolivarian Liberation Forces (FBL), was later called the National Liberation Patriotic Forces (FPLN). “Those” armed groups “who were” brave “, among whom he said he wanted to occupy the territory.”They have the guts to put up anti-personnel mines that have taken the lives of our FANB players”.

Although the mayor of Pasin tried to ignore it, the guerrillas and paramilitaries knew the government, the armed forces and the border residents. They are planting antipersonnel mines in the border area. On February 16, 2019, one of those mines killed an officer in Julia. Also on August 6, 2018, another miner cut off the legs of Sergeant Brian Acosta, who later died at San Cristobal Military Hospital.

A FARC spokesman who lives in Apur

Another companion who came out to pronounce Orlando Sambrano, Gorilla is recognized in Apur for being part of FBL / FPLN, he said Supported the activities of the FANB in ​​the state “A group that wants to settle in the region, establish a drug trafficking structure and change the role of the state.”

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Sambrano promises to continue to attack Venezuela, attacking a drug trafficking structure operating for the Colombian government and the North American Empire. You are not attacking a left movement or a revolutionary organization, you are attacking a drug trafficking structure that has planted mines in the area to affect people. ”

Sema, mayor of the municipality of Pace de Abour
Sema, mayor of the municipality of Pace de Abour


The night before the attack, the camp, named Ferley, with its security rings, a few kilometers from La Victoria, was left with only a small group of soldiers. FANB promises to capture 32 irregularities, but has not released their names.

Through audio and video, he was confronted by several spokesmen for the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) of Colombia, including Gentle Dwarte, or those associated with Arturo and the alternate Ferley, and the wing substitute Jesus Sandrich and Ivan. Marquez. They look confused. Some have expressed threats, while others are trying to re-establish good relations and withdraw their forces. There is no doubt that his permanence and life in the Venezuelan region.

In a voice, a person, with a Colombian accent, is asked: “Hale with the people, let them come, let them dare with white flags, so that they will not bomb, so they will not be massacred. They are standing up to protect their property because they are used to behaving like criminals, they are coming to loot houses and then they are going to bomb them to say that the guerrillas are still there, it is a lie ”.

An electric company van heading to La Victoria to recover electricity when it was hit irregularly
An electric company van heading to La Victoria to recover electricity when it was hit irregularly

“We are not looking for houses, we are digging in the bushes, we will wait there as long as we need to. Talk to people and if they need hypers to eat, we will help them,” he concludes.

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In another voice it is heard: “If you propose to take to the streets as a people, with the flags of peace, we demand peace, we FARC, the Tenth Front will support you. Don’t worry we’re not going to be obstacles. We are against oppression. We consider ourselves revolutionaries, we do not have to pursue revolutionaries, but if they are not revolutionaries, let them keep looking for us, we will be there”.

He adds: “We are confident about the fight, we will continue, some bombs will not silence us because we are used to it.”. Paradoxically, he is the people “Realize the revolutionaries who led the country“,” They claim to be revolutionaries and have taken refuge in the revolution to starve people like Venezuela, while a few are living well. It is not a revolution. ”

“Today they are sending to kill some soldiers who earn 20,000 pesos a month, while others are using that war. The North American Empire and the Colombian oligarchy are using that war,” he concludes.

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