May 19, 2022

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Here's our first semi-final look at the Google Pixel Watch

Here’s our first semi-final look at the Google Pixel Watch

The first semi-final image of the Pixel Watch leaked today, and it offers our first look at what the final design of Google’s upcoming wearable should be.

Evan Blass 91 mobiles This afternoon, we shared a demo of a circular watch with a highly curved design. The screen is supposed to be the only flat surface you see, but Google has gone to great lengths with the glass to widen the curvature all the way to the back piece (which we can’t even see in this image).

The crown also helps emphasize this seamless design by making the stem protruding from the glass at the 3 o’clock position. Google doesn’t hide the stem by making it silver like the crown, which is also wider – but somewhat short – and somewhat reminiscent of a bottle cap.

Meanwhile, the watch face is similar to The ones we revealed earlier in December. There’s a time with a complexity in history – not a disturbing day – above it and three others below that are clearly sourced from Fitbit. There are steps, heart rate, and stride that supposedly trigger the stats overview. Everything is colored yellowish green. The last thing we see is a white dot indicating that you have notifications available.

This leak in the watch body raises an interesting question: With such an edge-to-edge design, will Google offer multiple body colors? Looking at the Pixel Watch head-on, you don’t really see the device’s undercarriage. In fact, to help sell the seamless design, it would be better if the body was black/dark in color as well. The company can get away with just offering a single-color SKU and really emphasize the different ranges, which haven’t been leaked yet.

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There are also questions about the durability of this design.

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