December 10, 2022

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Here’s Licabro’s second stage schedule after this Saturday’s match day National Championship | Sports

He continues to be the leader of the phase of independence despite the draw against the University of Technology.

Despite his loss against the University of Technology last Friday, the Independent del Valle will continue to be the sole leader of the second leg of the Ecuadorian professional football league. The Renato Baiwa-led side took the lead through a penalty kick exchanged for a goal by Jonathan Paman (51 minutes), but Marcos Mejana equalized in the final (80 minutes).

The striped players added 20 points and are significantly different in points than Emelec and Liga de Quito who followed them.

This Saturday started without a goal between Mushuk Runa and Orens.

Guayaquil City and Nouveau de Octobre also faced each other at the Christian Benedes Bedancourt Stadium; And Liga de Quito and Monta FC at the Joce de Monta Stadium, closed for the day. This Sunday marks the eighth day that Deportivo resumes with the Cuenca-Olmeto, McCarthy-Delfon and Emelec-Universidad Catalica.

The match between Barcelona SC and Augas has been postponed due to bullfighting participation in the Copa Libertadores de America, for which they will face Flamenco in the second round of the tournament on Wednesday.

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