September 29, 2022

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Henry Martin describes the Guatemalan Blanco celebration in El Clசிகsico

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Henry Martin He collaborated on three goals scored by the United States against Sivas at the Akron Stadium, not only to help the rest, but he also drew attention to the national classic show, which he changed his usual celebration to celebrate as Gotham Blanco did, a situation Yukadegan explained.

“To recall a little of the past. I make your celebration with all due respect and humility towards Cuauhtémoc Blanco To get to know the fans and the team a little deeper and to give that power a blow, ”Aguilas said on the MX League’s social network.

Martin reveals that feeling inside the dressing room before the National Classic was an act of revenge, Guard 1 Abertora after their expulsion by Guadalajara in the quarterfinals of 2020.

“We were outstanding with the company. We were injured from the last league. We gave up the power plot.”

Henry reached seven points in the match with two goals he scored against Sivas, The amount exceeding it Jose Juan Maccas, Angel Sebalveda Y Santiago Ormeno, The scoreboard is led by Rogelio Funes Mori, Point Alexis Canolo and Nicolas Ebis, with the latter three eight goals.

One of the notes Henry Martin This did not count when Liga MX carried on in the fight against Atlas, which eventually appeared in the table at 0-3.

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