December 10, 2022

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Heidi Musa, former candidate for PLD deputy, appears in Santiago attorney’s office to “show her face”

Santiago, R.D.

Heidi Musa, cited with alleged links in Operation Falcon, appeared before authorities this morning to “show face”.

Musa was the Dominican Liberation Party’s deputy candidate for the Puerto Plata constituency.

Last night, intensive operations were recorded in the aforementioned province, and Juan Carlos Muscova Eduardo was arrested and appointed chief executive of the money laundering and drug trafficking network.

Heidi Musa’s lawyer Juan Carlos Muscova has confirmed that he has a love affair with Eduardo.

Along with him, Waldo Wilfrey Musa, who was associated with this network, was also arrested.

When he appeared in Santiago Palace court, he said, “I came to show my face because they are engaging me in something that has nothing to do with me.”

It should be noted that the Heidi Musa Falcon was not one of the persons officially appointed within the operation or a fugitive.

Musa arrived with his legal representative this afternoon and went directly to the Santiago attorney’s office, which operates inside the Palace of Justice, where a mandatory hearing against those involved is being heard simultaneously today.

Heidi and Waldo are the nephews of Walter Musa, the former mayor of Puerto Plata.

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