Hedley Brings Pop-Punk Tour To Victoria


If you are the parent of a teenage girl in Victoria, in all likelihood you dropped your youngster off at Save On Foods Memorial Center Tuesday night to see Hedley perform, with supporting acts, Faber Drive, Stereos and Fefe Dobson. While the largely female crowd was there for the boy band factor of the evening, Fefe Dobson got the show off to a start, followed by Edmonton’s well-inked Stereos and then the very retro styled Faber Drive. Complete with zebra striped pants and eighties big hair, Faber Drive set the stage for the main event of the evening.

As the show was being recording for a future concert DVD, the crowd anxiously awaited Hedley’s arrival. A comical video intro ushered the lads on stage with each member of the band answering a red, emergency, punk rock telephone. Hedley’s front man, Jacob Hoggard displayed his athletic ability as he made full use of every inch of stage. He must have been a ballet dancer in a previous life because he dazzled the giddy crowd with his twists and turns. Starting the show off with some driving pop punk, Hedley then rolled out the baby grand and Hoggard lead a teen sing along performing “Amazing”.

While not taking themselves too seriously seems to be Hedley’s trademark, their show was filled with comic relief and an air of boyish wonder. Adding an acoustic slant to the show, the band then performed in a campfire circle, complete with fir trees, beer cans and a full moon (on video) overhead. As the crowd swayed back and forth with glow sticks in hand, Hedley performed “Friends” and then a new song called “Beautiful”.

More video hijinxs followed as a brief video showing the group as seventies newsmen on “HTV” and a roving reporter backstage on tour with Hedley themselves. Drummer Chris Crippin, then showed off his percussionists’ talents with a brief drum solo. Their set, while comical and entertaining, also showed that Hedley are becoming a well rounded, tenured pop-punk act with a well balanced array of songs that please not only their teenage fans but the parents of those teenage fans.

A mixture of great rock songs, acoustic melodies and pop appeal are proving this Vancouver quartet are going to be around for some time to come.

Hedley / Faber Drive / Stereos / Fefe Dobson
Save On Foods Memorial Centre
Marhc 23, 2010

By Louise Major
RockStar Weekly

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