September 30, 2022

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Hector Rivera Cruz, one of the lawyers in the Zero Marvilla case, has died

Hector Rivera Cruz, The attorney in charge of the initial senatorial investigation into the murder case Visit of Carlos Soto Y Arnoldo Tario Rosado President of the Puerto Rico Journalists Association (APPRO), who died yesterday, today, Saturday, at the hands of police officers in Cerro Marvilla Tamaris Suarez.

At this time, the cause of death and final details of the lawyer’s death are unknown.

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“I have been notified that Hector Rivera Cruz, the lawyer for the LCD, the worst Cerro Marvilla case, died Friday night. There are no details about the funeral yet. My condolences to the family,” Suarez said in a tweet.

Following the controversy that led to the violent deaths of Tario Rosado, 24, and Soto’s arrival, 18, in 1978, the Senate appointed Rivera Cruz as special counsel for the first trial in 1980. Related to this incident.

It was waiting for two young people to explode television antennas as an opposition to the freedom of Puerto Rico, but the police agents waited for the incident to the incident, but before doing so they paded him.

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They were led by secret agent Alejandro Gonzalez Malave.

Over the next decades, the case became a prime example of the repression faced by pro-independence activists in the 1970s and was one of the shadows that covered the word of the now-deceased Carlos Romero as governor of Barcelona, ​​who initially praised the work of police officers.

Most recently, in 2018, Rivera Cruz served as defense counsel for then-Judicial Secretary Wanda Vasquez Corset, who was prosecuted by an independent special panel of lawyers during the trial.

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Similarly, Rivera Cruz also served as president of the Professional Baseball League until 2018, after seven years in office.

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