Heart Comes Home in a Red Velvet Car

Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Vancouver, BC
February 26, 2011

Concert Photos: By Andrew Chin

“I’ve never felt more welcome,” said lead singer Ann, halfway through the Heart concert held in Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC.  Heart’s coast-to-coast Canadian, Red Velvet Car Tour 2011, had their final stop on the 26th of February. Concluding the tour in the place where it all began definitely brought back memories to the two sisters. The sisters’ sentimental and familiar feelings of being back in Vancouver added to their effortless and overwhelmingly fantastic performance.

The most outstanding part of the performance is how much fun the band was having – especially Ann and Nancy. They were simply “rocking” it. They drew crowds of all ages. Around me there were youngsters, middle-aged adults, and even seniors. All of them on their feet, dancing and moving to the catchy beat. The song choices ranged from the old classics like These Dreams and Barracuda to new songs like WTF and Hey You. The melodies of their songs as well as their lyrics appealed not only to the older folk, but also to the younger generation. In fact, watching Heart enjoy themselves and have fun on the stage was contagious – you couldn’t help but move along with them, even if like me, you did not know all the lyrics.

At each break, the crowd’s excitement grew and there were perpetual screams for more: if this is not a sign that Heart has reached the hearts [pardon the pun] of their audience, I don’t know what is. Despite the number of songs performed, none of the songs were performed sloppily. Each song contained compelling lyrics, dynamic acoustics, and was sung with extreme emotions that would make an impression on any listener.

Ann’s deep and powerful voice never wavered, her rendition of Alone is still echoing through my head. Not only did her vocals scream out excellence, she also looked stunning in her sequin-studded dress!

Nancy’s skills on the acoustic guitar were especially impeccable when she went all out with the song Crazy on You. Taking a step away from the acoustic guitar, she played beautifully on the autoharp in Hey You. From beginning to end, the chemistry between the band and especially between Ann and Nancy contributed to the overall dynamics of the concert.

The audience had a treat when Ben Mink, producer of their latest album “Red Velvet Car” made two guest performances with the violin in the songs Red Velvet Car and Dog and Butterfly. Adding a “violinistic touch” added a certain edge to Ann’s voice and meshed perfectly with Nancy’s acoustics on the guitar, making both performances exceptionally unique and complete at the same time.

At the end of the concert, as I was getting ready to exit, a middle-aged man beside me asked, “Did you find it?” I gave him a puzzled look. “The pick, they threw a pick out here, and I’m pretty sure no one picked it up,” he said. His eyes said it all. He really wanted that pick. Unfortunately, I had to leave after a futile search for the “lost” pick, which I would have gladly given to the man who has obviously been a fan of Heart’s for many more years than I…

Heart fans are widespread throughout the continent and at the way things are looking, I have no doubt that they will continue to grow in numbers.

Ann Wilson