September 30, 2022

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Health reports that there have been 22 new deaths from COVID-19

The Department of Health 22 new deaths have been reported since this Saturday COVID-19 This brings the total to 3,540 in this order.

So far in January, 221 deaths have been reported as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The highest death toll is in the age group of 80 years. In addition, the island averages 12 deaths a day.

The company explained on its Facebook account that six of the dead had not been vaccinated, only two of the 15 had been vaccinated, and one had received his booster dose.

However, the company said Victims of the virus Pre-existing conditions such as kidney, heart, lung disease and obesity. The victims were between 64 and 101 years old.

On the other hand, the company said The total number of hospital admissions for the virus is 897. The figure is broken 830 adult patients and 67 children.

On the other hand, Health Report a Initial positive rate 33.6%, I.e. 33 out of 100 tests for SARS-CoV-2 virus are positive.

If today’s positive rate is confirmed, it will be two percentage points lower than yesterday. With this in mind, Daniel Cologne Ramos, president of the Puerto Rico Science Coalition, confirmed that a recession was already in place, which he classified as “encouraging.”

“Perhaps the most encouraging part is that we are already seeing a decline in the number of positive cases, which are still high, but we’re seeing them declining. This is the first step in reducing deaths and hospitalizations,” the doctor said in a radio interview (Radio Isla 1320).

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“The most worrying part is that even if the average number of cases decreases, they continue to increase or the number of cases continues to be very high among the elderly, they can be very complex cases because they end up in hospitals or deaths that, in fact, we saw – as we saw at other peaks – in the beginning The cases have increased among the youth and now we are seeing more cases among the elderly, ”the scientist added. , Who will step down at the end of the month from the position of chairman of the panel of experts.

As for the elderly, Cologne Ramos pointed out the difficulty in vaccinating with the booster because this population group is mostly retired, which at this time, was not required to be vaccinated under the latest administrative orders, for which it was stressed. There is a need to encourage measures to increase vaccination in this sector of the population.

Although the numbers have decreased on average per population, when looking at different populations they have not yet decreased in the elderly. Until that number drops further, it’s very worrying because it’s the population of Puerto Rico that suffers the most when it comes, ”he added.

Statistics on deaths, number of hospital admissions, positive rates and average positive cases will expand at noon, when the full report on the health virus outbreak is released.

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