November 28, 2022

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Health reports say 19 new deaths from COVID-19 have occurred in Puerto Rico

The Department of Health 19 new deaths have been reported this Friday COVID-19, This brings the total number accumulated in this order in Puerto Rico to 3,357.

In a tweet, the agency revealed that only one of the dead had been vaccinated with a booster dose, which is why it urged people to go get the booster dose of the vaccine.

“The loss of life resulting from this virus should act as an urgent call to obtain a booster dose and to protect against SARS-CoV-2.”, Salud revealed in its release.

Of the 18 deaths, the company indicated that nine had not been vaccinated and nine more had not received their booster dose.

According to the agency, about 710,502 of the total population (estimated at 3,193,694) have not been vaccinated against Kovit-19.

The death toll will be split in the agency’s full report at noon.

For his part, the president of the Puerto Rico Science Coalition, Daniel Callen Ramos, Maintaining safety and hygiene measures and stressing that the best tool currently available to the population is to get the booster dose of the vaccine.

“The sad part of COVID is that 4-6 weeks of deaths are healthy people who catch it today. Keep your braces and use precautionary measures. These days we are breaking records, Omicron is very contagious and even more dangerous., Said Dr. Tweet.

On the other hand, Wholesale hospitals COVID-19 Increased to 651According to the agency’s initial report, there are three more patients than yesterday.

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Out of the total number of persons admitted to the hospital, 578 were adults and 73 were pediatric patients. Details of critically ill patients will be released at noon.

According to the data portal of the Harvard University Professor of Biological Statistics, the number of patients admitted to the hospital today, as announced by the agency, represents the highest number ever recorded in this order, from December 10, 2020, to 657. Raphael Irisari.

However, Salud recorded an initial positive rate of 41.26%, five percentage points higher than yesterday.

If the percentage of this tax is confirmed, it will indicate the maximum number reported on the island since the start of the emergency.

Data on possible and confirmed cases, including the official positive rate and death statistics, will be released in the full health report at noon.