December 1, 2022

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Health reports indicate that 20 new deaths from COVID-19 have occurred in people aged 25 to 94 years

The Department of Health 20 new deaths have been reported since this Saturday COVID-19, Increased the total number accumulated in this order to 3,493.

So far in January, 164 deaths have been reported as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The highest death toll is in the age group of 80 years. In addition, the island averages three deaths a day.

In a tweet, the company noted that eight of the dead had not been vaccinated, only nine had been vaccinated with two doses, and the remaining three had been vaccinated and had received their booster dose.

However, the company said Those infected with the virus had pre-existing health conditions. The age of the deceased ranged from 25 to 94 years..

On the other hand, pro The total number of people hospitalized for the virus has risen to 936, the highest ever reported in Puerto Rico.

Of the total patients admitted to the hospital, 866 were adult patients and 70 were children.

Breakdown of patients undergoing intensive care, death statistics, positive rate, vaccination attempts and average positive cases will be expanded with the full report at noon. Kovit-19 Health Data Bioportal.

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