December 1, 2022

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“He won with Franco because of the dictatorship”


Real Madrid have complained that the draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League is happening again and many journalists are not very happy with the behavior of the white club.

One of them is the case of Rafael Ramos, who attacked the 13-time European champion Francisco Franco and the dictatorship on ESPN’s football picante program.

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“Real Madrid are making a play, they complain. In this situation Real Madrid deserves to raise their voice. I understand that Benfica is 20 points lower than PSG in the UEFA rankings, but did not talk about the greatness of Real Madrid? Should hang in the Arms because this is the scene where most people adorn this team because of its path and its importance, ”Ramos declared, without stopping.

Because, in the time of Francisco Franco, we can not forget that Real Madrid won and became the champion of what was needed as a direct result of the dictatorship. It is not possible to fully investigate anyone as there are witnesses to all these conspiracies, “he said.

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In addition, Rafael Ramos asked if he understood Real Madrid’s “whining” and whether he was afraid of Messi, Ramos and Mbabane. In Spain they are enchanted by their statements.

“I understand you can whine financially. He gets 15 million euros for being in this round and he will get an extra nine million euros if he can go to the next level. Who are you afraid of? Sergio Ramos? Messi? Mbappé? PSG is the team that wins by personal grabs, Not by the quality of football.Real Madrid has nothing to fear.

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Who are they betting on in the knockout stages of Real Madrid vs PSG Champions League?

Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid, described it as “surprising, unfortunate and very difficult to understand what happened”.

In the first event, the Whites were going to face Benfica, but after the new round, PSG fell to them, a much more complicated competitor than in the first.