December 7, 2022

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“He is lying, Barcelona owe 1,350 million euros”

Barcelona – Joan LaBorte in action. The President of Barcelona responded to the open letter of his predecessor Joseph Maria Bardomeu, giving an account of the first data of the diligence undertaken by his board … and to the former President he was accused of “lying” to all the points mentioned in the letter.

“Mr. Bardomieu’s letter, after reading it carefully, is full of lies and seeks to justify government action that is unjustifiable.

“We authorized the accounts so as not to disable the club’s operations. -21 They are actively trying to avoid responsibilities for training.They are responsible for the consequences of their management as they cannot be done by the manager, ”the president said, adding that they could clarify examples of Bartomeu replacing Bullsey.

It offers to address what “right perseverance” (right perseverance) says … We will seek to wipe out responsibilities, “Laborda said. Lying to someone who destroyed the club “.

“This is opportunism beyond a place. I think Mr. Bartomeu is, in fact, panicked, trying to influence what he is doing to escape from his responsibilities and coming forward to cooperate in finding solutions. He is doing nothing but lying. The whole world is in sight.

“No one will escape their responsibilities. I have experienced it in the past. I must avoid it. Mr. Bartomeu reiterated a lie from the first point. When you repeat a lie you will not make it true … He continues My administration from 2003 to 2010 was negative Leaving the numbers aside, when the court clarified that they were positive “it ruled, by that point he admitted that” everything he said was understood “.

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“From the beginning, the first thing we have to do is ask for a $ 80 million loan, otherwise we will not be able to pay the salary,” the leader discovered, adding that Bartomeu wanted to escape from his responsibilities … did not understand. “

“In 2003, Mr. Raina left me an envelope with consecutive points that he said gave us zero losses … it was a snack to the sun, like Mr. Bartomeu is doing now, or trying not to cause loss” Revealing the president’s numbers “The story of the old woman is 91 million euros, nothing else.”

“Mr. Bartomeu is talking about 30 million for the transfer of unidentified players. 100 million salary cuts have not been identified. And another lie that creates a patriotic situation is that he “judged, and his predecessor” talks about a 191 million euro pay cut and a new negotiation schedule to cut 90 million … In the end, we see 61 million deferred and even premiums at the end of the deal. Lying. “

“Fifty per cent of the league’s television rights have been raised in advance, which we have found to be 79 79 million and financing at six per cent. Fee. “

“For intermediaries, not intermediaries, for example, it cost 40 million and we paid 8 million more to buy the premium and 2 million more to sell the premium. A person who paid 8 million euros to find interesting players. In South America. Significantly the wrong amount in the way they operate,” he added. “216 million has stopped charging 126 costs, which gives us an impact of 91 million covit, nothing more”.

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Laporta warned: “Mr. Bartomeuu’s management has put us in a dramatic situation. We have 553 million euros in negative working capital: the difference between what we owe and what we owe is negative 553 million and that’s where a lot of money and we are. Has risen.

He also responded to Neymar’s case. “We say we forgave Neymar 16.7 million, which is not true. It is reminiscent of the damage he did to the film,” he said.

In this case the board of economics, Bartomeu, just made a shameful and self-serving deal with the prosecutor’s office, in which Parsa was convicted of two tax offenses for the first time in history and Mr. Bartomeu and Mr. Criminal liabilities, Barசாa fined 5.5 million.

“Bartomeu is doing a serious exercise to avoid responsibilities. And no one will escape from them. His letter is full of lies, and I must say that if you keep repeating a lie it will come true,” he said. The Espoi Barza issue is “particularly serious.”

“The plan is outdated and hidden from true stakeholders. It is based on a series of lies and a lack of transparency, so we are redesigning the plan to make it economically feasible.”

“Bartomeuu is very frustrated because his management and his management are devastating,” he said briefly, presenting himself as “already aware of the subtle situation of the club, but we have the utmost morale to make the necessary decisions like Leo, which is very sad, but There is more than that, ”he said.