December 7, 2022

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He condemned his partner for sexually abusing his daughter: Naeem Bukel leaked information about the Victoria case

In the picture is the record of El Salvador President Naib Bukel. EFE / Rodrigo Sura / Archive

See here, President of El Salvador, Quintana Roo released further details about the case of a woman named Victoria Salazar who was killed by police on the streets of Tulum Municipality in the state.

After the arrest of Victoria’s partner was announced, President of Salvador accuses one of sexually abusing one of the daughters of a murdered woman; He also condemned the crime, but the authorities did not take action to protect them.

“Quintana Roo’s lawyer’s sentimental partner, a Mexican, sexually abused one of her daughters.” Buckell wrote on his personal Twitter account.

According to the agent, Victoria Salazar “reported two weeks ago and took her daughter to a shelter to protect her from the invaders.”

“Unfortunately they have not acted until now. They have already killed Victoria and are being prosecuted.” He added in another tweet.

Similarly, He said Victoria’s eldest daughter was missing and it was not yet known if she had already been notified of her mother’s death.

“The main hypothesis is that he escaped his sister’s attack (he may have abused her). Until now, we do not know if he received information about his mother’s murder.” Penalty on social networks.

In the end, He shared that there was more information about “this case process” and that there might be “another invader”, but that information would be revealed in due course.

This Tuesday, March 29th Naib continued to provide information, promising that Victoria’s case was “worse than we expected” and that is why there are more “occupiers” and “victims”.

A woman takes a portrait of Victoria Esperanza Salazar, a Salvador immigrant with her cell phone, who was killed by police last Saturday in Toulouse, Quintana Roo (Mexico).  EFE / Alonso Kabul
A woman takes a portrait of Victoria Esperanza Salazar, a Salvador immigrant with her cell phone, who was killed by police last Saturday in Toulouse, Quintana Roo (Mexico). EFE / Alonso Kabul

Governor of Quintana Roo, Gonzalez of Carlos Joaquin, State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) Arrest of Victoria’s partner, The woman who was allegedly killed by police in Tulum.

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In a video posted on his Twitter account, the state president mentioned it The victim and some of his daughters have been subjected to domestic abuse by the occupier.

“It is important to note that the partner of this woman who died tragically, the Salvador woman, Victoria, may be arrested and that he created or abused her and some of that woman’s daughters,” he said in the video he was arrested today.

According to the Quintana attorney general’s office, the agents involved in the case are four men and a woman. Three road police, the other two municipal.

Items were identified Michelangelo c, 34 years old and Raul L, 35, both originally from Valladolid Yucatan; Erasmo b, 35 years old, first Duxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas and Alexander c, 38, first Petcock, Quintana Rs.

(Photo: Twitter / @ UNUDHmexico / Illustration / @sirakiry)
(Photo: Twitter / @ UNUDHmexico / Illustration / @sirakiry)

Policewoman kneeling on prisoner Veronica V, 42 years old, originally from Merida, Yucatan.

Similarly, the Director of Police, Tulum, Nesquare Vicencio Mendes, Fired from his post, Lucento Hernandez, Quintana Rouge’s public defense secretary, told a news conference.

Rosibel Ariasa, the mother of a Salvador immigrant, pleaded guilty to the crime after recognizing her body through photos this Monday.

I feel angry, I feel powerless, I feel frustrated. I wanted to be a mother, but no. One cannot be everywhereShe too “I do not deserve that death“, Because”It is an abuse of powerHe told reporters.

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