May 17, 2022

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He appeared again to show that he had not been tattooed in memory of Christian Nodal Belinda

Belinda / Christian Nodal.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

The emotional breakdown of Belinda and Christian Nodal Announced last weekend, I will continue to give something to talk about, one of the questions that immediately arose there was about the tattoos that the singer captured on his body in honor of who his future wife was until a few days ago.

But now that the romance has officially come to an end, followers have turned to social networking sites to speculate about the 23-year-old singer’s decision on his controversial tattoos, and some have joked. As Lubilo Rivera ended his relationship with the singer, he covered them with some other designs, and a video was released in which they promised that Nodal had already removed the word “belly” from one side of his face.

However, the series of assumptions was later completely rejected Christian Nodal As part of his Foragido tour, Tegucigalpa reappeared in stories on his official Instagram account to thank for the support he provided during his presentation in Honduras.

“My people of Tegucigalpa, thank you very much tonight. I have had incredible time since I arrived and felt all the support, love and affection. No more, I’m going to tell you that you can go looking for it because the video of “Let’s be there” has already been released, “he said while recording.

And the fans were able to confirm that he was the translator He keeps the tattoos he decided to shoot on his skin in Belinda’s memorySo they suggested removing them once again because it looks totally bad.

“Tattoos on his face do not suit him, he already has to get rid of them”, “His youth and he already has tattoos on his face”, “It’s over after the tattoo, he’s a gang member”, “He’s not. Long tattoos on his face”, “he said. Some users of the social network wrote, “Look how Belinda leaves you.”

But when he decides what to do with the traces left by Belinda’s love, Christian Nodal has already received suggestions for removing his tattoos, one of which was exposed by the “tank rules” responsible for covering up the portrait of Rivera wearing the loop. His right hand.

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