Hatebreed Summoned the Devil


The Decimation Of The Nation Tour hit the Commodore Ballroom December 2nd and it hit HARD! This is Hatebreed’s headlining tour with the iconic Cannibal Corpse, soon to be headliners Unearth, Hate Eternal and Born of Osiris.

The crowd was rowdy and looking for a great party! Born of Osiris and Hate Eternal did a great job getting the crowd warmed up for the night. Unearth showed us that they are ready to take the next step to start headlining their own tour. The riffs and killer drums got the crowd into a frenzy and ready for Cannibal Corpse to come out and really kick their butts.

Cannibal Corpse has been on the scene since 1988 and had a critical role of starting the death metal scene for others to follow. You could feel a shift in energy when they walked out on stage. They crowd was ready to kick the intensity level up to 11.

Lead singer George Fisher sounded like he was summoning the Devil from Hell and I don’t think we would have been surprised to see him show up on stage next to him ready to jump head first into the circle pit! This is a band that leaves you wanting more at the end of their set. They were going to be hard to top but Hatebreed came out on stage ready to prove that they deserve to be the headliner after their idols Cannibal Corpse.

Touring to promote their self titled album that debuted at #4 on the Billboard Independent Chart we could sense they were ready to take no prisoners! This tour welcomed back original lead guitarist Wayne Lozinak back into the Breed and he showed he has not lost a step since he was gone. Lead singer Jamey Jasta was very appreciative to the concertgoers, sounding sincere as he thanked everyone for coming out to see them many times throughout their set. They blasted through a great set that included covers from Slayer and Cannibal Corpse and it seemed to end way too quick. This is the first time I have ever seen Hatebreed live and I sure hope they will be back soon and often for me to enjoy them again!!

December 2, 2009
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

Review and Photos by Gord Dunbar
RockStar Weekly

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