November 28, 2022

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Harassment in Nicaragua: Vice President and First Lady Threaten Newspaper and Call Journalists “Speaking Macbeths and Terrorists”

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo. EFE / George Torres / Archive

Rosario Murillo, vice president and first lady of the Nicaraguan regime, criticized the press as “inventing anything to spread terrorism” and journalists as “evil”, “hypocritical”, “destructive”, “criminal” and “communication terrorists”.

To human rights defenders, Murillo’s attacks are a testament to who is responsible for the “state of terrorism” in the country.

“In order to provoke hatred, you must also protect yourself from those conversation maggots that are full of feathers. That’s how we see them, that’s how we reject them.”Murillo said in a statement to Nicaraguan Channel 4. “Every day they find something to sow terror in the people (…). They always want to establish fear, “he warned. “Our people know how they lie. Our people know how evil traitors, destroyers, criminals, terrorists and communications terrorists are. “Added.

He continued his accusations that “they are places of catastrophe”, “a perspective, an imperialist and colonial approach and responses to the interests and designs of colonialists and imperialists”.

    EFE / Douglas Lopez / Archive
EFE / Douglas Lopez / Archive

Gonzalo Carrion of the Nicaraguan Human Rights Coalition criticized this “outrageous level” of freedom of expression and criticism of the press in Nicaragua. “This shows the inhumanity of his rule,” Carion said. Portal quoted Confidential.

Two journalists and presidential candidates, Christiana Zamoro and Miguel Mora, were recently jailed, and three others, Julio Lopez, Sergio Maran and Carlos Fernando Zamoro, fled the country for fear of arrest.

Other Miradas, a coalition of independent media outlets from Central America and Mexico, condemned (President Daniel)’s perception of various forms of harassment of the Nicaraguan press by the Ordega government, and recalled “The number of deported journalists is increasing”.

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They cite a law listing them as “traitors to the homeland”

The Ordega regime passed a controversial law criminalizing the press. The “Law to Protect People’s Rights for Self-Determination for Freedom, Sovereignty and Peace” has been in effect since last December.

    (Photo courtesy of La Brenza)
(Photo courtesy of La Brenza)

This controversial law lists them as “traitors to the homeland” and disqualifies them from running for office..

Nicaraguan police should arrest opposition presidential candidates Christiana Zamoro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradia, Juan Sebastian Zamoro and Miguel Mora accused of “treason against father”.

Also, two former deputy foreign ministers, two historically disgruntled Sandinista ex-guerrillas, a business leader, a banker, a former deputy and former First Lady, four opposition leaders, a journalist, two former volunteer workers and a driver from Christiana Zamoro.

So far, 21 people have been arrested in the wave of repression, including politicians and independent journalists.

Arrests of enemies They are given five months before Nicaragua’s general election, Is due to take place on November 7, in which Daniel Ortega, who has been in power since 2007, seeks a new re-election.

Some political prisoners in Nicaragua
Some political prisoners in Nicaragua

One more Zamoro

On Friday night, Chamorro Barrios of Joaquin in Point Pedro was arrested Under the charge of committing acts that undermine the sovereignty of Nicaragua, As notified by the National Police, on the orders of the Ordega regime. The opposition politician is one of the sons of the former Nicaraguan president Violeta Barrios de Zamoro (1990-1997) and the assassinated Nicaraguan hero and anti-Somoza journalist Zamorin Gordona of Point Pedro.

What else Christian Presidency is the brother of Chamorro’s candidate He has been under house arrest since June 2 He has the highest probability of winning the presidential election next November.

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And from journalist Carlos Fernando Zamoro, One of the most critical voices of Daniel Ortega’s regime and winner of 38 Ortega Y Cassette Journalism Awards, announced this week that he would be deported with his wife for the second time in three years.To protect our freedom”, In the midst of a wave of arrests prevailing in Nicaragua.

Opposition politician Joaquin Zamoro of Point Pedro and his mother, former President of Nicaragua (1990-1997), Violeta Barrios de Zamoro.  EFE / Oscar Navrat / Archive
Opposition politician Joaquin Zamoro of Point Pedro and his mother, former President of Nicaragua (1990-1997), Violeta Barrios de Zamoro. EFE / Oscar Navrat / Archive

Police, led by Ortega’s mother – in – law Francisco Diaz, pointed out that a politician from the Freedom of the Citizens (CXL) party was being investigated, as were other detained opposition leaders.To commit acts that undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, to provoke foreign intervention in internal affairs and to call for military intervention”.

Further “Organize and manage economic, commercial and financial sanctions against the country and its institutions, with financial assistance from foreign powers to carry out acts of terrorism and instability.”.

And “for demanding, raising and appreciating sanctions against the Nicaraguan government and its citizens and for hurting the nation’s lofty interests.”

(With information on EP and EFE)

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