Hail The Villain Fans Have An Evilly Good Time In Vancouver

Hail The VillainHail The Villain
The Venue
Vancouver, BC
July 21, 2010

By Charlene Tupper

Evil has a name, and thy name is Hail the Villain.

Canada’s hottest new metal band, Hail the Villain, hit the stage at the Venue in Vancouver tonight when they headlined a mini metal-fest with two local bands. Half of those who attended were into In Flames and Iron Maiden, and then there were those who preferred something more like the Scorpions. No matter who was there, we all gathered for the same reason – to see three amazing Canadian bands perform and to find out what all the fuss about Hail The Villain is.

Vancouver-based Swan started the show. They have been in the making music for the last 2 years. Murray Atkinson(vocals) won the CFOX Seeds award in 2007 and his band, Swan, just recently released their single, “El Camino” across the country. This local act is a combination of raw rock energy, mixed with melodic sensibilities. The band seemed a little shy at first, but not long into their set, the tempo picked up and people held their arms high.

2008 CFOX Seeds Platinum band Incura is also Vancouver-based, however, when the band formed in 2005, they were all in Alberta. This is a band that cannot be categorized into any single genre and even trying to put them into a genre would be misleading. The critics call them “math rock” – a rock sound with a little more complexity to it. This band is full of energy, spunk and very melodic. Not long after their set came to an end, it was time for the headlining act, Hail the Villain.

Hail the Villain is a combination of hard rock and heavy metal, calling their fans “villains” and forming a strong fan base around the country. Recently, Hail the Villain has joined forces with Roadrunner Records, giving the band a larger audience across North America. They have also joined with the “Rockstar UPROAR” Tour this summer and will return to Vancouver in September when that show rolls around.

The performance of Hail the Villain was anything but plain. They were full of power and stamina on stage, with vocalist Bryan Crouch jumping around on stage, stomping his feet with fists to his chest, and raising his horns high. And the “villains” were not far behind him.

Mosh pits started to form early for these guys, especially with their heavier tunes. These bursts gave the crowd sparks of liveliness and strength, cheering hard for this rising Canadian talent.

The crowd wasn’t extremely large, due to the show being the same night as the opening night for Vancouver’s “Celebration of Lights” international fireworks competition, however, the diehards stuck by the band and certainly got their money’s worth.

Villains of the world unite.

Hail The VillainHail The Villain