GWAR Take Vancouver Into The Twilight Zone

GWARLast night the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver was transformed into a theatre for the insane. Costumed metal freaks GWAR took to the stage with an all out visual assault. It was a bit like traveling to another dimension of not only sight and sound, but of mind. Yes, it was like visiting the Twilight Zone, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

GWAR is, and will always be, a band that is more concerned about a great and violent stage show than it is about musicality, although the music was loud, pumping and surprisingly tight tonight. GWAR came to the stage after a short mocumentary called “Behind The Murder” which was displayed on three large video screens. Once on the stage, the band wasted little time getting to the murder and madness and splattered the capacity crowd with bright red and green coloured liquid by the second song.

The whole experience was a little like a sci-fi movie with a lot more blood, guts and a stranger cast of characters, including Michael Jackson and Barack Obama, who both suffer extremely bloody endings. The GWAR stage uniforms were large and quite detailed – they truly looked like the monsters from outer space that they claim to be.

GWAR is a band that must be scene at least once in your lifetime and as they venture around the world on their two year 25th anniversary tour, it’s a show not to be missed. Although the majority of the music was mostly newer material, they did close the show with the definitive track Sick Of You and a couple other older tracks were thrown in throughout the show for good measure.

GWARAlthough opening for GWAR seems an impossible task, openers Job For A Cowboy were tight, loud and seemed a bit uninspired as the capacity crowd watched and thrashed around. The performance was very tight and showed a strong front end, but there was little difference between the songs they chose to perform. It sounded like one long thasher and fans were a bit restless by the end of their set. I would have preferred to hear The Red Chord, who were forced to pull out of the show because of a busted van that kept them from the venue.

For more photos from the show, visit here.

GWAR with Job For A Cowboy
November 30
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

Review by Dan Savoie / Photos by Dave Lai
RockStar Weekly