August 20, 2022

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Gustavo Pedro’s four nominations have generated strong controversy

President-elect Gustavo Pedro, with a growing favorable image, has appointed some of his most important officials. Announcements such as the appointment of Alejandro Gaviria as Minister of Education; José Antonio Ocampo, future Minister of Finance; and Cecilia López, who will take over the agriculture portfolio, have been well-received both inside and outside the coalition government.

However, four of his appointments were criticized, rejected and considered “threats” by the opposition. These are close figures for the president-elect in each department and key positions for the next four years.

The first disgruntled appointment was Karolina Gorcho, who was appointed as the new Minister of Health. From the moment Gustavo Pedro announced his decision, resistance from various sectors in the face of possible radical change in the healthcare system has been evident.

Both Corcho and Pedro agree that in some respects, like the social security that reigned in Colombia, the best alternative is to eliminate the EPS to establish a public model.

Corcho also came to the forefront of epidemiology as vice president of the Colombian Medical Association. Controversy for their stances on the measures to be taken by the government. Many of them turned out to be fake news.

The abolition of the health system, as we know, has the leaders of the most important EPS in the tension of the country. For this reason, it is hoped that within the negotiations of the Grand National Agreement, a consensus will be reached that does not reject three decades of progress in health.

Later, the president-elect appointed a native, Giovanni Yule, as director of the Land Reclamation Unit. According to the opposition, this is a case of potential contradictions due to the act of favoring land use as per the beliefs of their community.

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“The announcement of Krig’s adviser, domestic leader Giovanni Yule, as the new director of the Land Recovery Division needs to be analysed. No conflict of interest? Let us remember that he campaigned for more land for tribals”, Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal posted on her Twitter account.

Yule, as Minga’s spokesman, always advocated land use in accordance with indigenous beliefs. In addition, he is a senior adviser to the Kaka (Crig) Regional Native Council, which has the “recovery” of the regions as one of its clear objectives.

“Recover the land of reservations and undertake the protection of the ancestral territory and living spaces of the tribal communities. Extend protections State two points on Cric’s so-called “base of struggle”.

Later, President-elect Ivan Velázquez appointed a former associate justice of the Supreme Court. It created a storm in the Democratic Center, the only opposition party so far.

According to Uribe Senator, Paloma Valencia, the former chief investigator of Parapolitics will be an enemy of her political party, and described his nomination as a “threat”. All this because it could be the post of one of the main opponents of former President Alvaro Uribe.

“It is not just a challenge to appoint the party’s archenemy and the leader of the opposition as the defense minister; This is a threat,” wondered the Congresswoman.

This Monday, the president-elect appointed Danilo Ruda, director of the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission, as peace commissioner. The nomination sparked another wave of criticism because it concerned a man who visited La Picota with the future president’s brother, Juan Fernando Pedro.

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Not only is the proposition of social forgiveness brought back, but the work of the NGO it represents is also analysed. According to the organization, various armed guerrilla organizations operate under the “right of war”.

Pedro has nine more ministries to appoint. Those who are closer to his political life than allies, the names of the parties joining the government coalition are expected to be happy.