December 1, 2022

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Gustavo Albaro understands that Ecuador ‘ends up paying too much for distractions, distractions and mistakes’ | Football | Sports

The Spanish shortlist referee coach, led by Jesus Gill Manzano, attacked Fidel Martinez for not allowing Renato Tobias’ penalty.

Gustavo Albaro said he did not understand why a sector of the national sports press was expressing the idea that Ecuador had already been eliminated from the Copa Am அமெரிக்காrica 2021, as Group B failed to beat Peru (2 to 2) in its third presentation. Of course The Tricolor, with two units, is placed in the final and fourth place of the key, and the quarter-final classification will be played against Brazil next Sunday.

“I do not know why Ecuador is being abolished,” he said. We have a tough game against Brazil, yes. But with Brazil we spent seventy minutes 0-0 in the dive, and it would have been hard for Brazil to reach us if we had not mediated a ball we lost in a race. Today Ecuador is characterized by a goal difference above Venezuela. What happens is that the calculations are done very quickly, the calculations are made that Venezuela and Peru are going to build and Brazil is going to beat us, so we are expelled, but with ninety minutes to play, we are going. Fight. So we feel we’re still alive, no matter how hard we try to find (the classification), ”said the coach, disappointed by the Spanish shortlist referee led by Jesus Gill Manzano.

Albaro continued: “The cup performance was very good in terms of performance and the results were very bad. We ended up paying too much for distractions, distractions or mistakes because the rival did not beat us in any of the three games we played. For Colombia, although it was difficult for us to create the conditions, we had them. Higher than that, we had the ball 60% to 40% (in favor of Ecuador), 70% to 30% against Venezuela, the same as today.After Peru had its virtues, performance Ecuador never felt less than any rival facing it at any time.Yes, unfortunately “As I say, our responsibilities, our distractions, our errors, our concentration, we do not get the results that should be quietly categorized at this point.”

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Albaro stressed that the elimination and goals set by the national team in Copa America 2021 must respond to “distractions, domination of situations, youth, handling situations and competitive times.”

“Suddenly, the simple thing is, it’s the mastery of the situation, the handling of the situation, the times, those things that make us over-condemn and we end up paying more for those things, and that’s what we work for. I want to finish the goal at zero because it’s a team that scores and it The goal is going to be scored; but young people who are not focused on concentration, solidity or detail, or sometimes, the urge to want to do everything better, do everything quickly and deal with the moments or adverse circumstances of a match, leading us to these kinds of scenes. There is a paradox: on the one hand, I ask players what they do, and then we fail at the details, they are what we have to get, we have to understand, they do everything better, they have to win a game and do it. It will also lead to learning how to settle or retain a decision, ”he explained.

He said the Argentine coach was also powerless by Spanish referee Gil Manzano and video referee (VAR) officials because a fraud against Fidel Martinez was not allowed in the final extension of the match.

“In Fidel Martinez’s play, at the time of injury, it’s a clear penalty play. Tobias goes with his right foot, he does not want to play the ball, he hits Fidel Martinez’s leg, he hits the ball when he reaches the goal. Why is it not a penalty or what a penalty? I want someone to explain to me because these things are happening again and again in Ecuador, and the play has not been reviewed directly, it’s a shot at Martinez from Tobias, it’s a clear sentence, ”La Tri questioned the technical director. (D)

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