August 16, 2022

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Guitarist Carlos Santana fainted and was carried out on a stretcher during a concert in Michigan.

Carlos Santana passed out on stage in Michigan due to heat stroke and dehydration; Medical personnel transferred him to the emergency room (Video: Twitter / @lelelx)

Mexican rock ‘n’ roll guitarist Carlos Santana had an accident during his recent concert in Michigan, where they said He disappeared on stage. The musician was about 40 minutes into the concert at the Pine Knob Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan, northwest of Detroit, when he fainted and had to be treated at the scene.

Officials and medical personnel immediately intervened and lowered the curtain Removing the guitarist from the stage Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, but naturalized American On a stretcherAccording to videos posted by fans on social networks.

In the videos, which have mainly circulated on social networks like Twitter or TikTok, he can be seen leaning towards the battery holding platforms while performing one of his songs. He put his hand out and immediately sat downThe backing musicians accompanying him on tour abruptly halted operations as his assistants approached the stage at full speed.

Another angle caught by the public was that there were three people who immediately approached the guitarist Give him some water, help him and do some medical maneuvers In case of emergencies, competent officers arrive at the scene for their transfer.

Carlos Santana passed out on stage and left on a stretcher for hospital (Photo: Twitter /@BrascoProd)

Despite this, He regained consciousness and waved goodbye to the fans Medical personnel from the building where he appeared tried to cover him with black cloth. The public, for its part, though concerned, He bid him farewell with cheers and applause.

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Those in charge of the concert immediately announced over loudspeakers that the rest of the show had been cancelled. “A serious medical matter” that deepened within minutes.

According to the social networks of the Mexican-American artist, It’s just heat stroke and dehydrationSo he was taken to a closed amphitheater in Clarkston, Michigan, about 40 miles from Detroit. From there he was transferred to the hospital. He will remain under observation there, but they say he is stable.

Unexpectedly His July 6 concert at The Pavilion in Burkettstown, Philadelphia will be postponed. On another date, other performances by the legendary guitarist Carlos Santana will follow, waiting for the date and what manager Michael Vrionis will announce.

“Rock legend Carlos Santana suffered heat stroke and dehydration during his Tuesday night concert in Michigan. The guitarist was pulled from his performance at the Pine Knop Music Theater, an indoor amphitheater in Clarkston, Michigan, about 40 miles from Detroit. Carlos McLaren was taken to the ER in Clarkston for observation. was transported, and he is doing well,” the team members wrote.

Carlos Santana suffered heat stroke midway through the concert and was replaced Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
Carlos Santana suffered heat stroke midway through the concert and was replaced Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Social networks were immediately filled with videos of the moment of action, but there were messages of love, affection and a quick recovery from all the fans who gathered at the property to appreciate a concert from their latest tour. The Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour sees him share the stage with Earth, Wind and Fire.

More shows are coming up in Noblesville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Dallas, California, Hershey, Woodlands and Rogers. Several dates were part of an intimate evening tour at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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