December 10, 2022

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Guillermo Ochoa’s trolling for a cut in Alvaro Fidelko’s mouth


Azulkrima captain lit up social networks in response to the Spanish midfielder.

Guillermo Ochoa teased Fidelko on Twitter.
© Figure 7Guillermo Ochoa teased Fidelko on Twitter.

Alvaro Fidelco Comorca was one of the best players in the United States’ victory over Santos 3-2 in Lacunera. Spaniard was very involved in the game and contributed to two plays Eagles They found goals to retain three points.

Overall, the Spanish midfielder had some tough moments in this fight, especially with one foot Alan Cervantes There was a cut on his lip that brought Bleeding It practically did not stop completely throughout the game because he did not stop bleeding even when he came out of the change in the second half.

When the meeting was over, Fidelco received some stitches to sew InjuryA situation that the player shared on his social networks to show traces of the war in Dorian. “It was worth it !!!! Let’s take it all in! Some extra points and we keep going”Iberian wrote.

In the published photo, you see Alvaro Very swollen upper lip. This fact caught the attention of Guillermo Ochoa, who responded with a humorous comment to his partner’s release from his own account, which shows the good atmosphere and relationship that exists within the group.

“Do you want to kiss him or is he sad ??”Paco Memo responded to the midfielder’s tweet that he will have no major issues appearing on the field next Wednesday. United States Visit Macadlon The second day of the match is pending Closing 2022.

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