November 28, 2022

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Guillermo Lasso calls for resumption of talks, says generals will maintain control if “challenge” continues, citing protests | Politics | News

The president, who has approved the creation of a law enforcement unit for the public, says he will go to court in person with those in uniform.

The President Guillermo Lasso He again called on all social sectors to negotiate and said that if the “challenge” continues, the general force will maintain control of the territory.

“It’s time to unite, I call once again for dialogue, consensus, to think about the interests of the country, not personal, party or union interests (…). Yesterday, the Armed Forces (FF. AA.) And the National Police guaranteed control and order. , Respecting non-violent demonstrations, they will do the same today, and if the challenge continues tomorrow, we will maintain control over roads, squares, cities, fields. ”Ecuador 101st Anniversary and Day of the Civil Aviation of the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE).

Lasso added: “Ecuador belongs to one and all and the law is for all”There are no roads or privately owned communities and the government fully respects those who want to respect the rights of all in a peaceful and lawful manner.

“When we rebuild Ecuador, there are those who are trying to divide it. While we are increasing production and employment, there are also those who want to block the streets and highways in a way that will affect thousands of workers (…). Yesterday (Tuesday, October 26), citizens did their job Want, they want peace and tranquility, it showed how good most of the activities were carried out normally, ”the President added.

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The president initially welcomed the presence of all officials, but did not mention the chairman of the assembly, Guadalupe Lori, who supported the wearing of uniforms and approved the creation of a public law enforcement unit. Force and he promised to appear before the courts with them “personally”.

They will be firm and unforgiving with those who misunderstand their limits or who abuse their uniforms. “The exception level allows the police and the armed forces. The AA can restore the security the country needs by fighting insecurity,” he said.

When, Giovanni Espinal Buca, General Commander of the FAE, Also called for national unity and said the Armed Forces. To alleviate the AA prison crisis and crime on the streets, they will not rest until Ecuador returns to a peaceful country so that the October 2019 events do not happen again.

“We will guarantee the rights of the people, control insecurity, restore peaceful coexistence and public order as we have demonstrated yesterday and today.”Added.

On the show, The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) The FAE banner was decorated, the commanders celebrated their promotion to Brigadier General and the announcement of the Heritage property of the Telegraph 1 aircraft, which crossed the Andes of Ecuador on the first national flight from Guayaquil to Guinea on November 4, 1920.

Lasso reiterated his full and unconditional support for the Armed Forces. To the AA and the National Police. “As far as the state’s potential is concerned, we will promote its institutional and material strengthening, which has been the most neglected in Ecuador for the past fourteen years,” he said.

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“We will fight drug trafficking and crime in Ecuador together and unitedly,” the president stressed. (I)