December 7, 2022

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Guatemala. Reds coach Jose Saturdino appointed Cardoso.

The municipality officially announced the arrival of Paraguayan strategist Jose Saturino Cardoso this afternoon, who has a large number of players as a player, mainly recalling his time with Toluca’s Red Devils and his experience directing recognized Mexican clubs.

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“The Municipal CST officially authorizes the hiring of a new technical director for the senior team, who is an experienced South American with extensive experience across the continent,” the municipality said.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Club’s Marketing Manager Point Pedro Ariasa,, Welcome Diablo Mayor! Multi-champion as a player, historic club and national goal scorer, historian and without the titles that recognized him as a legend in the world of football, the honor of getting you in the only big Guatemala.

In this way, the Reds already have a new coach in the national league for the next season, and it will be Cardoso’s task to restore the company’s importance to winning the league title first, and then the red team to the international level that can transcend it.

The 50-year-old Paraguayan will keep Miguel Angel Denise in body preparation and his technical assistant will be Manuel Leon. The club indicated that Ruben Gonzalez would continue to cooperate in the physical area.

Photo: AS Mexico

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