September 30, 2022

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Guatemala has already been knocked out of the Gold Cup before facing Mexico

The president of the Guatemalan Football Association pointed out that the goal of the selection was to regain a place in the federation before being considered the champions of the Gold Cup.

Gerardo Pius, President National Football Federation of Guatemala, Illustrates the possibility of participating in this Gold Cup, After a last-minute withdrawal from the Curaao national team; Although the expectations of the Central American group are about to embark on a new path, after the conflicts and dissatisfaction they have faced in recent years.

Before the second match of Guatemala, in the group stage of the Confederations Cup Mexican teamThe manager made it clear that his role model was to hold international competitions to regain places in the FIFA rankings.

“We don’t want to be champions Gold Cup, But yes we have to go to restore that level Guatemala He lost by a two-year suspension … I want to go to the next round, but that’s what I want. The truth is, I don’t know what will happen; Things were not given to us, with the El Salvador party, I really did not like the attitude of ‘author’ Loredo. I hope the flat is fixed a bit and I want to go to the next round. “

Gerardo Pies maintained the participation Guatemala It was not a last minute call that they tried to categorize by game in their planning, it was not delivered; But when Covit-19 infections broke out for the Curaao team, “we had to change this team in a row because we were the best unclassified.”

“We finally decided to accept it Guatemala Comes from suspension. We come from not playing in many international tournaments, we come from a FIFA rankings where we are not comfortable, finally, can go up and reach that position Guatemala You need to, because all you have to do is participate internationally, otherwise you will never be able to catch up with the amount you lost before the suspension. “

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The president of the Guatemalan Confederation, Chapin, acknowledged that football had completely collapsed, following the allegations of corruption by the leaders of those years after he was suspended from FIFA in 2016, after failing to comply with the dictates of the federation, the body governing world football, which was responsible for reorganizing the order and making new laws.

At any moment Guatemala Suspended from all international participation, it was ranked 79th in the FIFA rankings and is now pushed to 127th.

“As a result, all processes were suspended; not only did the suspension deprive us of the opportunity to play in international tournaments, but the officers who stayed, suspended and did not continue training did not continue the proceedings, and this caused us further setbacks because the suspension was meant to stop participation, but it delayed us from training. Except that not a lot of Guatemalan players play abroad, so there are countries that have a lot of advantages over us because they have their whole team playing abroad, and we rely on the National League, which is not such a competitive league.

Gerardo Pies, president of the National Football Association of Guatemala, said: “I have been working with all national teams for a year and a half; unfortunately, the epidemic has stopped us a little bit because they have closed the country. When this happens, the first thing they will stop you from doing is tell you, youth. Teams cannot train or operate directly because parents do not give permission for their children for fear of infection. Guatemala It has a red light, no face-to-face schools, no children studying. “

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He held it Guatemala “When it comes to youth team competitions, qualifying and being able to participate” is what it wants.

Similarly, he pointed out that after the dismissal of Amarini Villadoro, Rafael Loredo was used only in emergencies because there is an idea that the Mexican Hellman will again be in charge of the U-20 and U-23 national teams. Those youngsters in the future, when they open the place of the youth classifications in a year: “We have already been removed to think about a new coach right now and a new process for the 2026 World Cup.”

In this sense, he made his participation clear Gold Cup Concoff 2021, which is with a great team because “we can’t do it with the U-20, because they didn’t let us in,” so what they did was remove the players who were the former coach on the list, Amarini Villadoro.

On the other hand, he is in conflict Mexican team Directed by Gerardo Martino, Gerardo Pies explained: “Always play against Mexico This is a special game. In fact all games with Mexico are special; Finally, Mexico is a power and facing it raises your profile. “

He said he hoped Eugenio Villason would return as his sports director and that he already had a call for it: “We hope he will win for his return. Guatemala… The entire coaching staff of the small teams are Mexican. “

Pending economic awards

On the other hand, about potential gifts Guatemala In the current Gold Cup, Showed ignorance because the economic bag to participate was $ 200 thousand, while Gerardo Pies said he knew each participant would take $ 150 thousand.

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“We have no idea what’s going to happen in practice. I did not sit down with a group of players to see the prize release because it was so fast. Obviously, Concoff is gifting $ 150,000 per class, we don’t know if that is the case. Guatemala They are not going to give it to them, or they are not going to give it to them because it is practically not a kind of calling, or classification. So since we have practically no idea how this will happen I have to meet with the players later and see if it is distributed. “

In the worst case scenario, he showed that the Sabine team might pick up the opening bag: “Last place, say, or the worst in the Gold Cup, the consolation is $ 150,000.”

“Do you know anything about how much the champion will get?”

“Honestly, I do not know anything, because as I said: we were removed; then, those are things I’m not starting to see anymore, finally I’m looking for Guatemala. I’m not checking anymore, Concoff should have data on its official page.”