December 10, 2022

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Guard 1 How is the league going at this time in 2021?

At ESPN we tell you the panorama of the 18 teams facing the playoffs and league

“Fiesta Grande” is approaching in Mexican football, with only two teams already classified directly League Also six clubs struggling to get a pass to the playoffs Guard 1 2021.

Toluca, Chivas, Tigress, Guerrero, Mazatlin, Pumas, Pachuka and Tijuana With only two dates left after the regular season, they are sticking with the last hope of surviving the reclassification battle. On the other hand, Puebla and Montreal are struggling to maintain their direct eligibility status.

Ann ESPN We will show you simultaneously what it is like to qualify for the playoff duels and Liquila.

How will the playoffs be played at this time?

Qualifying directly for the quarterfinals:

Playoff matches at this time:

(5) Against (12)

(6) VS. (11)

(7) VS. (10)

(8) Against (9)

The best and worst situation of each Guard 1 team

The strip has surprised locals and strangers alike with its good speed. The work of Nicholas Larkman, the head of the Puebla bench, is highlighted, and they are third in the general table with 27 points, and a win would give them their automatic ranking in the top four in the general table. Monterrey and Santos miss this day’s game against Tigris and Pacho respectively.

After the draw against Poomas, if the Riotos and Santos win their respective duels, the Kamoto team will lose their direct pass to Liquila.

Arias, meanwhile, is one step away from the rematch zone with 18 points, but Tigress, Toluca and Sivas will have to wait for appearances on Match Day 16 to aspire to a place in the re-classification stage and fight for the title.

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Solos screened Robert Dante Ciboldi on the border bench, trying to get a place in the Uruguayan playoffs after dropping Nekaxa to a minimum on the final date. Currently, Miklin is ranked 11th with 19 units and is one step away from securing a spot in the reclassification because with 19 units they occupy a place between the top 12, but they continue to do so depending on what the teams above do.

For its part, the Nexus is no longer playing anything because it was left with 11 points, it no longer reaches 12th place, it has Tigress and 19 units, so it is the only team that, so far, has been eliminated from the tournament.

Those led by Thomas Boy climbed to eighth place with 21 units, waiting for the results of Toluca, Chivas, Tigres and Guerrero on the same day.

Opposite, the Green Pansas are sixth in the general table with 23 points. However, with the catastrophe against Masadlin, Atlas Tabato will surpass them in the classification if the Classic wins.

The cement machine returned to winning ways after beating Atletico de San Luis 3-2 at the Azteca Stadium. With this decision, no matter what the US does this Sunday against Toluca, the cement team is coordinating with Kart 1 Ans 2021 at the helm with 40 points.

Meanwhile, the San Luis team was left with 12 units and plunged into a severe crisis of results, which could lead to a fine of 120 million pesos if it could finish last in the percentage. Also, San Luis is accumulating six defeats in a row.

Guadalajara tied another victory, beating Soros del Atlas 0-1 at the Clasico Tabato. With this win, Sivas is fully involved in the fight for a place in the 2021 Guard 1I playoffs.

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Meanwhile, the red-and-black failure is painful because it lags behind on the public table, stopping at the last date to pay 120 million pesos and being fined for being last on the exit table.

The Classic Reggio went to the side of Tigress, who won 2-1 at the University Grounds.

The goals of the match were in charge of Carlos Gonzalez and Andre-Pierre Gignog. The Montreal goal is the work of Alfonso Gonzalez.

With this decision, Tigress reached 19 points and strengthened in the playoffs, while Riotos remained with 25 units remaining. Tigres adds 45 wins to 41 wins from Monterrey and 38 tracks to Classicos Regios.

A key fight for the Diablos and a placement for the Eagles, i.e. Cruz wants to snatch the first position from the general table in the Copa del Rey because they are the second team to be classified directly to the quarterfinals.

The students of Santiago Solari have 35 points and are two units away from the machine, so they expect to be able to pick up a stumbling block from the sky over the table, which would be an asulagram if they do not miss the game against Atlas on the table. If three points are added and the machine loses, they will fall asleep as leaders, and they will take first place on the final date against Poomas.

Meanwhile, there are 19 units in the eighth-ranked Toluca, which are unbelievable and the worst action they can take is clear, so they have the risk of missing the last two games, Shivas, Tigress, and reclassification if they fail. Guerrero, Mazatlin, Poumas Bachuca and Tijuana both win. If they want to beat America, the demons will practically get their place in the comeback, while a tie can send them to the 12th on the table.

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Los Clos Blancos are 11th in the general table with 18 units, and if they win they will reach 21 points and have their hands full in the playoffs. A loss and various combinations of results can send them to 15th place.

Meanwhile, Braves is 17th with 12 points and has no options for qualifying and eliminating in a losing practice. If they win, with 15 units, they will believe that San Luis, Tijuana, Pacquiao, Pumas and Masadlin will not win.

The Warriors lost their place in the top four in the overall standings and now they want to regain it. With 25 units they are in fifth place in the rankings. If they win, they will reach third place if Puebla and Monteri lose or draw. If they draw against Pacquiao, Doran’s team could move up to fourth, but that depends on the defeats of Monterrey and Lyon.

Meanwhile, Tucson are 14th in the general table with 17 points, and if they win they will reach 20 units, which will give them a place in the playoffs with stumbles from those above them, but will not add up to three for Pumaas, Mazatlin, Guerrero, Tigres, Chivas and Poumas to ensure they have the space they need. On the other hand, a draw or defeat against Santos could put them out of the title fight.