June 30, 2022

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Guadeloupe Lori was ousted as Speaker of the National Assembly with 81 votes Policy | News

After a year and 17 days as chair of the National Assembly, the woman in the legislature, Guadalupe Lori D. பச்சகுடிக் (PK) He was dismissed by a majority of the full session held on May 31, 2022.

At the reshuffle of the 772nd Session, the resolution was passed by 81 votes to 82 legislators. Provisional Multilateral Commission On a complaint filed by the legislator, it recommended that he be removed from office for breach of duty Christian Social Party (PSC), Esteban Torres.

Member of the Bench Legislature Union of Hope (UNES)Marcela Holguin has proposed a motion to oust Lori, in which Virgilio Sachisela is arranged to accept the presidency and to be granted legal protection.

Other legislators who formed the Multi-Party Commission, such as the Democratic Left (ID), Peter Calo (PK) and Pamela Aguirre (UNES), supported the report.

Aguirre, for example, promised that Lori’s dismissal was not for a woman or a tribe, but for breach of duty. He stressed that no one is above the law.

At 9:22 p.m., a vote was taken on the motion, which was approved by 81 votes to one.

According to the organic law of the legislative process, in the absence of the President, the first or second Vice President replaces him until the National Assembly fills the vacancies at the end of a two-year term.

At 9:30 pm, Virgilio Chaccella was sworn in as Speaker of the Legislature, while Darwin Pereira was sworn in as Member of the Legislative Executive Committee (CAL).

To continue the session with what is on the agenda this Wednesday at 1:30 pm, Sakisela’s first steps; He also announced this Friday that he would call for the establishment of a new session to deal with and resolve the second debate on the legal application of martial law.

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The political situation began just minutes after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 31, when the 772nd session was re – established, with Guadeloupe Lori appealing for the presidency on May 18, led by Vice President Virgilio Zakichela.

At this plenary session, when the Violet Legal Plan was discussed and the PSC legislature began, on May 27, George Abrero raised a resolution rejecting the precautionary measures presented by Judge Pedro Troya of the Quitumbe Judicial Division of Quito. Complete session to stay away from knowing and dealing with the report of the Provisional Commission.

The benches of UNES and PSC were able to discuss the report recommending the removal of Guadeloupe Lori from the post of Speaker of the National Assembly.

Abedrabbo pointed out that these precautionary measures were enormous as they were resolved when the multi-party commission was shut down on May 25 at the conclusion of the evidence of Torres’ complaint. In addition, he promoted the independence of state functions because legislators do not rule in judicial proceedings.

Sakishela agreed to the treatment of the movement and ordered a vote. The motion was approved amid claims by pro-Lori PK legislators and between the Union for Hope (UNES) and PSC benches and the vote of some independents with 81 votes – in the presence of 83 legislators. Submission of the report of the Discrimination Committee for discussion.

PSC legislator George Abetrabo called for the re-establishment of the 772nd session of the National Assembly, chaired by Vice President Virgilio Chaczela. Photo taken from the National Assembly. Photo: The Universe

Saquicela suspended treatment of the point and gave the responding quadriceps lorry one hour. Meanwhile, treatment for the Violet law project continued.

The lorry did not come. The commission report was read, and after nearly two hours of reading, Lori did not arrive on a hemicycle.

After 7:20 pm, the Legislative Assembly was surrounded by judicial guards who had come in support of the guards.

Legislator Darwin Morera (PK) has warned that attempts are being made to shut down the Internet and boycott the session to prevent voting. “If they try to ignore any process related to information technology it is illegal. They will not come to us deceiving us that the system is faulty and the internet is gone. We know how it works and we will not allow this,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, during the full session, Sakisela demanded that Lori’s presence be confirmed, but his absence was confirmed.

He praised the fact that political decisions cannot be subject to precautionary measures. “This decision will be made under the necessary constitution,” he said.

When he did not make it to the President’s appeal in Session 766, he recalled why Lori was condemned. He urged the Legislative Escort to respect political decisions and avoid interfering in attempts to ignore the debate.

“This full session makes political decisions and the decision taken after learning of this statement will be political. There is nothing net to the Assembly,” he said. Asked to be taken.

In the National Assembly, they are looking for political and legal ways to deal with the report recommending the removal of Guadeloupe Lori from the presidency.

Member of the Legislature of Pachagudik, Salvador Quishpe, He, who resigned, said the strength would be stronger than rationality and law. “Obviously they will kick her out, they will kick her out. This is not the first time those who have ruled this country or ruled wrongly have deceived us.

Raphael recalled several instances of the Korean government in which domestic leaders were killed and corrupt activities. That beat Black Union of Hope (UNES) That questioned him. He said angrily to them: “Be quiet! The contradictions deepened further, diluting after a few minutes.

Marcela Holquin complained about a situation for Lori’s stubbornness. “His tactics to prevent the investigation of registered complaints such as the destruction of legislative officials; The country is tired of his cynical use of justice to avoid punishment.

He talked about contracts “under the table, tricks and threats help to show that you are not representing the people, you are only leading to protect your interests. By them, he also became the simple representative of the administration. You cannot lead to the first power of the state, not only have your actions insulted the legislature, you have betrayed all who trusted you.

After nearly four hours of debate, Sakisela became Speaker of the National Assembly and extended the call for dialogue in a brief speech. President Guillermo Lasso.

“The circumstances of national politics today allow this ugly man to be accepted as the first president of the state, and I do it with pride and simplicity. I do this to represent the country and to sit down with all departments and work with university students to create a positive framework for people to study, “he said.

“This Friday, we will pass legislation on the use of progressive force for the benefit of the people who are sacrificing themselves day by day to save the lives of the people of Ecuador. (…) It is my commitment to 137 legislators to work together for the benefit of Ecuadorian law and oversight, “said Sakisela, who announced that she would convene a meeting with CAL members and representatives of the five legislative benches this Wednesday. (YO)