May 20, 2022

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Great shame! He was humiliated and expelled by the Seattle Saunders at the Motacua Congo Champions

Seattle, USA.

One more thought for Diego Vasquez. Another international humiliation for Modagua under Argentina coach after their 5-0 defeat to Seattle Saunders in the second leg of the 16th round of the Congolese Champions League.

It was a dark and cold night for the Mottaguins who saw their team lose again in this match. The Blue Cyclone tried it in the first half, but in the filling area they succumbed to the power of the Americans at Lumen Field.

Modagua open 11 in second leg against Seattle Saunders.

‘La Barbie’ Vasquez changed the starting 11 with four changes than he played in the first leg at the San Pedro Sula. Jonathan Rugier returned under three sticks but conceded one of his biggest goals; Christopher Melandes played from the start, however he suffered greatly on that right wing from competitive attacks.

Jesse Moncada and angel Tejeda are the other two innovations provided by Diego. The striker did not come out to play in the second half as he was demonic on the field. Seattle Saunders, meanwhile, repeated the team they presented at the Metropolitan Olympics.

Forgiven Morera, not in Seattle

Motakuwa began to show interest in playing each other with the MLS team and got a better chance to advance on the scoreboard, which could have changed the course of the competition.

Roberto Morera missed that golden opportunity in the 15th minute. Denil Maldonado assisted him after a ball from Jonathan Nunes, and the Paraguayan striker, the goal was in his possession and the rival goalkeeper, on the other hand, banged his head, and all the Mottoquines shouted a goal, but the ball went to one. Cole’s page in Seattle. Hands to head for a devastating auction and lament.

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The unforgiving are the sounders when they get the chance. Nicolas Lodero shot twice in the area, first he blocked the defense, Rugier threw himself, and the Uruguayan who wanted to react already hit him again and sent the ball to the bottom of the blue nets in the 33rd minute.

Despite that first blow, Mottago looked for balance and before heading into the locker room, Raல்l Marcelo Santos climbed to the right, he was alone inside the area and ready to help a fellow player, but his center was terrible, wasting a good move. From the capitals.

$! Nicolas Lodero's special celebration 1-0.

Nicolas Lodero’s special celebration with a score of 1-0.


Modagua went into the break with the idea that they needed a goal to stay alive due to the scale of the visiting goal that was in their favor, however he sank into the filling.

Diego Vasquez sent Diego Rodriguez and Franco Olego to the field, but both did not work. As the second episode began, the zone under the Eagles in Seattle’s Saunders free kick looked so bad that the ball reached Christian Roldan, who turned it 2-0 without showing mercy to Roger.

The game was already up for Mottagua and midfielder Denil Maldonado slipped in and Jordan Morris did not concede one-on-one with the Argentine goalkeeper as it got worse in the 56th minute.

$! Christopher Melandes played a poor game against the Saunders and was replaced early in the second half.

Christopher Melandus played a bad game against the Saunders and was replaced early in the second half.

That was not enough, another mistake Blues made in the beginning resulted in a fourth goal. Recovering in Seattle and playing alongside Christian Roldan, he recently directed Death Pass to Kelin Rowe, who had to push it into the net in the 61st minute.

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Modagua was already a soulless team on the field, fully dedicated to its rival. Diego Rodriguez lost the ball early on in the 74th minute on the edge of the area when another newcomer, Leo Soo of Brazil, scored as a ‘Little Hand’ with a low left foot shot.

The Honduran team left Seattle humiliated, beaten and emotionally assaulted. A defeat to Diego Vazquez with the Motagua team.

$! This is how Leo Xu from Brazil celebrated his goal to seal the Seattle Saunders' victory.

This is how Brazilian player Leo Xu celebrated his goal that sealed the victory for the Saunders team in Seattle.


5 – Seattle sounds: 24 Stephen Free, 3 Xavier Areca, 5 Nauho Dolo (12 Freddie Montero, min.77), 28 Yeimer Gomes, 7 Christian Roldan (23 Leo Sue, min .65), 10 Nicholas Lodero (22 Kelin Rowe, 22 Kelin.60). ), 11 Alberth Rusnák, 16 Alexander Roldán, 73 Obed Vargas, 9 Raul Ruidiaz (6 João Paulo Mior, min.46) and 13 Jordan Morris (14 Samuel Adeniran, min.60).

Coach: Brian Schmeicher (USA).

0 – Motagua: 19 Jonathan Rogier, 12 Raul Marcelo Santos, 2 Denil Moldonado, 5 Marcelo Pereira, 17 Wesley Decas, 32 Jonathan Nunes, 35 Christopher Melandes (18 Diego Rodriguez, min. . 69), 21 Roberto Morera and 11 Angel Tejeda (9 Franco Olego, min. 46).

Coach: Diego Vasquez (ARG).

Referee: Evan Barton (ELS) Yellow card to Christopher Melendus of Mottagua and Xavier Areca from Seattle Saunders.

Ground: Lumen Field (Seattle).