December 7, 2022

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Goodbye parents! Marathon bites Mottagua to the dust and puts Aberdera-2021 – top ten

Welcome to the marathon and the minute by minute Motacua!

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Done: Marathon Brian Castillo and Carlo Castle beat goals to make it 2-0, beating Abbottura to become the 2021 leader.

90 + 4 ‘and day! Jason Sanchez makes a serious mistake and gets his second warning. It is expelled.

90 & # 39; Cool Marathon! Carlo Castley breaks Marcelo Pereira’s waist and defines a 2-0 win over Mottagua on the right.

89 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Louis Vega
Left: Edwin Solano

88‘He was delighted! What Brian Castillo did was unbelievable … he was alone against Marlon Ligona, but he took her off the field.

81 ‘ Invalid target! Kevin Lopez got up early and scored but Chad Martinez advised him and the free kick would be repeated.

78 & # 39; By the cool of the marathon! Brian Castillo scored the first score of the game after the free kick execution of Kervin Ariaga saved by Marlon Ligona, but Castillo was focused on the review and with one head he won the Mottagens goal.

76 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Juan Engel Delcado
Left: Matías Galvaliz

76 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Wesley Texas
Left: Walter Martinez

76 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Jos வ Villafranca
Left: Roberto Morera

76 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Carlos Fernandez
Left: Jesse Moncada

75 ‘ The marathon tried to set foot in the Motagua area but was not clear. It costs them a lot, but they try.

68 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Rainery Mayorcon
Left: Isaac Castillo

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68 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Carlo Castley
Came out: Ovidio Lanza

67 ‘ Not a good target for Ovidio Lanza due to clear progress.

67 ‘ Yellow card to Jason Sanchez for the worst mistake against Edwin Solano.

66 ‘ Brian Castillo’s bomb but Marlon Ligona keeps his hands inside and avoids the fall of his target.

64 ‘ Ovidio Lanza grabbed owl Christopher Melandes to stop his progress and the marathoner was warned.

63 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Brian Castillo
Left: Frails Lopez

63 ‘ Marathon change:
Entered: Christian Gallix
Left: Mario Martinez

63 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Entered: Evan Lopez
Left: Kevin Lopez

61 ‘ Defective auction of “Colocho” Martinez. Painful auction.

57 ‘ The title of Allans Vargas goes into the hands of Marlon Ligona. Marathon approach.

54 ‘ Again … “Muma” Fernandez was round in front of the frame, he finished with three fingers but again he missed.

53 ‘ Sorry! “Muma” Fernandez enters like a thief in control of the ball but he defines poorly against Denovan Torres. Muma’s obvious failure.

50 ‘ Modagua keeps the ball for a long time but it ends in a bad delivery. The goal is not achieved.

47 ‘ Oops! Horror but marathon forgives again when Mottagua exits. Fraels Lopez steals a back pass but Marlon Ligona sends her out before departure.

The second half begins at Yankeel Rosenthal: the marathon and Mottakova go on to equalize without scoring and break the zero on the scoreboard.

The end of the first half: Marathon and Mottakuwa draw without a goal at Yankel Rosenthal.

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45 ‘ UFFFFFFF … almost, almost on target. “Muma” Fernandez took a cross, which was almost embedded in the frame of Denovan Torres.

41 ‘ Motagua saved. Ovidio attacked Lanza but he was frustrated before Marlon Ligona left and avoided Purslane first.

39 ‘ Yellow card to Emilio Isakuer for blocking the progress of “Muma” Fernandez. The second warning of the game.

35 ‘ The Motagua Blues are first looking for someone else’s land; Two corner kicks in a minute.

29 ‘ The marathon and motocau have been played to pay homage to each other. Both had approaches, but without much risk.

Modagua and marathon technicians between Diego Vasquez and Toto Garcia.

19 ‘ Aff Walter Martinez shot into the frame, but Kerwin Ariaga put his head inside and sent it to the corner kick. Save the greens.

13 ‘ Mario Martinez’s terrible mistake against Walter “Colocho” Martinez. Mottagua player Marcelo Pereira is warned of complaints of tough fraud.

12 ‘ Motakuwa tried to catch the ball, but the marathon did not allow him anything. Chad Martinez’s Claims from Roberto Morera.

5 ‘ The marathon started very actively in the Motagens area. Kervin Ariaga sent himself a distracted pitch that would not bother Marlon Ligona.

Long queue of fans still outside of Yankel Rosenthal.

1 ‘ By the end of the first minute, Jason Sanchez had made a mistake at the start, which almost missed Mottagua’s goal; Edwin Solani’s shot went to Marlon Ligona.

.Launched! The marathon and the Motagua Yankee Rosenthal are in danger.

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Athletes enter the playground for the fight between the marathon and Mottakuwa.

Uninvited, Selvin Guevara entered the stadium with his fiance, who was pregnant.

Marathon sequence: 25 Tenova Torres; 2 John Paul Chuvaso, 15 Allans Vargas, 23 Mathias Decera, 7 Emilio Isaguire; 33 Kerwin Ariaga, 65 Isaac Castillo, 10 Mario Martinez, 30 Edwin Solano; 9 fraels Lopez and 20 Ovidio Lanza.

Replace: Harold Fonseka, Wilmer Crisando, Adrian Ramirez, Luis Vega, Jean-Charl வ Vargas, Christian Gallix, Rainery Meyerquan, Brian Castillo, Carlo Castle.

Motagua Order: Marlon Ligona; Diego Rodriguez, Carlos Melandus, Marcelo Pereira, Christopher Melandus; Jason Sanchez, Walter Martinez, Mathias Calvallis, Carlos Fernandez; Roberto Morera and Evan Lopez.

Replace: Jonathan Rogier; Fabrizio Calindo, Wesley Tecas, Juan Raman Gomez, Giovanni Fuso, Juan Engel Delcado, Kevin Lopez, Diego Aski, Jesso Moncada, Marcelo Santos, Jos வ Wollafranca and Omar Elvir.

Both teams have been undefeated in this fight; The marathon was won 0-1 against Triangle, 1-2 against Honduras Progresso, and 5-1 against UPN. The Blues beat Victoria 3-0 and 0-1.

The match starts at 3:00 pm at Yankee Rosenthal.

Series between Blues and Vertolacos.

Historical Series: 227 Games: Motacua 87, marathon 70 wins and 70 draws

Series in Yangon: 19 games: Marathon won at 7, Mottagua wins at 7 and draws at 5

Motacua adds 8 games unbeaten to the marathon and accumulates 4 consecutive wins over the Greens

Motagua has a good record for Yankel Rosenthal.

Welcome to the third minute of the 2021 match between the Marathon and Mottakuwa. They open tomorrow.