December 10, 2022

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Gonzalo Plata says “we do not expect this decision” against Venezuela Football | Sports

The talented winger from Sporting Lisbon scored Ecuador’s second goal after a superb individual action.


Ecuador serious Gonzalo Friday, Equalized his team’s second goal 2-2 this Sunday Venezuela On the third day of Group B USA Cup, Admitted that Tri did not expect this decision.

I think this is a decision we did not expectVenezuela may be looking for this, looking for a tie. This result leaves us very badIn the 91st minute Vinotindo promised Plata the end of a defined intense game with a goal.

In his opinion, this decision leaves them “very bad”, however he stressed that they still have a chance to qualify for the next stage.

One of the tournament’s best names, the young Sporting Lisbon striker, stressed that “we still have a chance to be there” and that he felt his team had “rested” a bit after the goal and intensity had dropped.

Plato, who entered the match in the 68th minute, scored his team’s second goal in a good personal action in which he launched a fast counter-attack from his defensive line into the match area.

In the 91st minute the striker accepted his responsibility towards the goal of Venezuela defender Ronald Hernandez, who put the final tie and realized that Ecuador got the goal from his side.

Regarding the next game with Peru, he promised that he would be “very complicated”, however he expressed confidence that he could cross the stage. (D)

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