December 10, 2022

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Golden State Warriors lose to Toronto Raptors

When the Toronto Raptors lost by 53 points, the Golden State Warriors suffered the most “humiliating” loss in owner history on Friday night as the team entered the game after losing 13 of their last 14 games.

“You saw it,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the 130-77 defeat. “They destroyed us. Needless to say. Shame on everyone involved.”

The Warriors, who lost 61 points in the second half, both Stephen Curry (Tailphone) and Tremond Green (sprained left finger) put up some dubious achievements in a game that went out.

The Elias Sports Bureau reported that the Raptors beat the Warriors by 51 points in the second and third quarters, the biggest point difference in two quarters of a game in NBA history. According to ESPN figures and information, the Warriors have become the fourth team in the last 25 seasons with at least 60 points per game. The 53-point difference between the Raptors and a team with 10 or more games under .500 is tied for the third highest in league history.

“We think the game went south quickly and we were depressed,” Kerr said. “Without Steff and Tremond I think we were a little rude when things went bad. We didn’t have the internal fighting we needed to get past the hump.”

This was evident in a variety of areas, but dangerously, the worst statistic for the Warriors was that they became the only team not to score at least 50 points in a game in the last 25 years. A goal. Fast break. They had only one counter-attempt throughout the game and missed it. This is a big reason why Kerr is so frustrated with his team’s lack of ball movement.

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“Our team is built to share the ball,” Kerr said. “In this game when you move the ball, when the magic happens, when you create an energy, a karma, the shots come when you move and share the ball. I saw a possession tonight. It’s a pass and a shot. We have to play with each other, I do not think we will do that tonight. “

Now 23-26, the Warriors finished 10th at the Western Conference and struggled to find consistency all season. Last week, senior Kevin Looney admitted that Carrie and Green shared news about their teammates looking inward and trying to play better. Senior Kent Bassmore said that after the embarrassing performance on Friday, the injured former All-Star Clay Thompson shared some disgusting thoughts with several teams after the game.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow,” Bassmore said of the Warriors’ three center players. “We’m talking – there’s Clave, who has five finals in a row. It’s not acceptable to them in any way. It hurts more than anything for them. It’s hard to see his boys out without being able to help him. And Tremond, they know how important they are to us. “

According to Thompson, the loss was even harder as he is currently recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, forcing him to miss his second straight season. Pasmore said the message Thomson sent to some teams was simple.

“He was talking about how he lost the game and that a look like this was unacceptable,” Bassmore said. “He’s excited, man. It’s hard to see whether you play or not.”

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The good news for the Warriors is that Curry is expected to return Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks. Green was initially unclear as he was expected to play on Friday, but after training hot, he told coaching staff that he could not catch the ball with his left hand due to a finger injury. Green told Kervid that he could play, but senior coach Green decided to sit down.

While the Warriors are waiting for their stars to heal, they have a coincidental issue with the young center they believe will help them this season. The 20-year-old big man James Wiseman had another tough night against the Raptors, fighting on both sides of the court, which has been a constant theme since the All-Star break. Kerr said the Warriors want to simplify some parts of Wiseman’s game plan so he can regain his confidence.

“As a young player, a lot of guys try to do more,” Kerr said. “Now I think this’s what’s happening with James. I think he’s a very talented guy. He’s always been able to do what he wants to do on the court, but in the NBA, the game is going very fast. All of these things. My game will expand. ‘ That’s what we share with James and try to teach him.

“But the only way to learn it is by realizing it and realizing it. Then he will grow from here. We will be positive with him. We will try to clear things up, help keep things very simple and develop his confidence in the last quarter of the season.”

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While the Warriors hope to see more growth in 2nd place overall by 2020, they do so with a team that reached their lowest level of their season on Friday night. Kerr hopes his team will bounce back after two consecutive defeats, but he also understands that each player must find their own motivation to get things back before it is too late.

“As a coach, you try to go season with your team according to your ability,” Kerr said. “So there are times for humor, there are times for joy, there are times for serious discussion and self – examination. This is definitely a time for self – examination.”