December 10, 2022

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GOL, Peru vs. See. Chile Live: Sergio Pena came back from Claudio Bravo to score 2-0 in the Qatar 2022 qualifier at the National Stadium. Video

He scored a huge goal. Sergio Pena Was responsible for making it 2-0 Peru Against this Thursday Chile By the 11th at the National Stadium Qatar Qualification 2022.

At 63 ‘, Sergio Pena The ball was found and he finished from outside the area. The steering wheel throw Peruvian choice Closed by goalkeeper Chile, Claudio Bravo.

However, Pena He took the reins and left the Real Betis goalkeeper of Spain with a better definition on the right. Peru This new round increased the advantage in qualifying in the Pacific Classic.

A new goal with Pena and Peru, who qualified this time

Christian Cueva opened the scoring for Blanquiroja locally against La Rose.

It was Malmo FF midfielder’s first goal at the World Cup. He last scored in the Copa America.

In this great game, Peru Eleven by Pedro Gallis; Louis Advancula, Christian Ramos, Alexander Collins, Miguel Draco; Pedro Aquino, Yoshimer Yodun, Sergio Pena, Christian Cueva; Edison Flores and Paulo Guerrero.

On the other hand, the audience departed with Claudio Bravo; Guillermo Mariban, Mauricio Isla, Alexis Sanchez, Marcelino Cheese, Jean Menes, Eric Pulker, Gary Medal, Sebastian Vegas, Charles Aranguiz and Ben Breton.

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