December 10, 2022

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Gloria Cecilia Nervis: Thai nun dies waiting to return – Other cities – Colombia

They were in pain and prayers for four years and eight months. Since the abduction of Colombian missionary Gloria Cecilia Nervis On February 7, 2017, in Mali (West African country)His family did not stop praying or crying. They stayed up all night, praying and asking God not to do him any harm, as those men of the terrorist group Al Qaeda had done to him as many hostages.

(In context: Colombian nun Gloria Cecilia Nervis published in Mali).

“It’s a great pleasure. No one knows in what words to express this miracle of God. We cried for so long without knowing about her, we waited for her, but we never lost hope. Now we have not stopped crying, but with joy,” says his brother Adgar Norwis – 50 , Married and father of two children – a professor at the Santa Maria Institute of Education, an hour from Pasto, he and his children were born three brothers: Carlos, Carmen and Gloria Cecilia.

But happiness could not be complete. One year ago, on September 21, His mother Rosita passed away at the age of 87. “He can no longer bear the absence of Gloria Cecilia. He died waiting for her,” lamented Atkar, whose mother, as she realized her fate, said goodbye to her three children and grandchildren and put the mass on television. She died at home as she wished, but was surrounded by her loved ones. But her daughter Gloria Cecilia is missing: a missionary of the Franciscan sisters of Mary Immaculate since 2002.

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Sister Gloria Cecilia was on a mission in Mexico and Ecuador, helping vulnerable communities, and in Pasto she was the rector of a school. But, according to her brother, she wanted to shake hands with more people and go further. That’s when she asked her boss to send her as far as possible. So he arrived in the African country of Benin, where he spent eight years. He then returned to Colombia and spent three months with his family until he told them, “I’m going back to Africa.”

“We tried to reassure her with my mother. In Colombia, we insist that there are very bad areas where they can appreciate your help. But she has already decided,” said Atkar. Dedicated to supporting mothers in production projects and supporting the children of the shelter provided them with food, education and shelter.

The good news about Gloria Cecilia’s release came on Saturday, October 10th. In a statement, The Mali Presidency He praised “Sister’s courage and bravery” and noted that the publication was “the culmination of 4 years and 8 months of joint efforts by various intelligence services.” No further details are known, and the nun confirmed that she had never been abused and that she had learned about the Koran during her captivity: The Holy Book of Islam.

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We cried and waited for her without knowing about her for so long, but we never lost hope. Now we do not stop crying, but with joy

Malian authorities, President, thank all Malian officials for their efforts to free them, may God bless them, may God bless Mali“The nun and the interim president of Mali, Colonel Azimi Koida and Archbishop Jean Serbo of Bamako said on the state channel of the African country.

“I am very happy to be in good health for five years, thank GodSaid the 59-year-old nun.

“We thank the Lord for the release of Sister Gloria Cecilia Nervis, Mary Immaculate Franciscan,” Monsignor Louis Manuel Ali, Deputy Bishop of the Archdiocese of Bogot மற்றும் and Secretary-General of the Episcopal Conference in Colombia, celebrated on his Twitter account.

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Already greeted by the Pope

Aadkar and his sister Gloria Cecilia spoke Saturday night, at which time it was early in the morning in Rome, where she was waiting. He was at the Vatican and they gave him his cell phone and he called me. Many years ago I did not hear his voice. I felt her happiness and her usual way. He told me he was very healthy, ”Adkar celebrates.

He also acknowledges Koula’s work and sent one of his men to Mali a few days after the abduction to begin an investigation. The Catholic Church is grateful for the spiritual support. The church did very little; Sure, he helped with his prayers, but he did nothing to help us.

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Pope Francis congratulates Gloria Cecilia Norway

Pope Francis with Gloria Cecilia Nervis on Sunday October 10, 2021.


AFP / Vatican Media

On January 29, 2018, the Al Nusra Front for Islam and Muslims, which has joined Al Qaeda, released a video in which Sister Gloria Cecilia asks Pope Francis, her family and South America to intervene for liberation. “When it comes out, it takes a year (to be kidnapped),” he said in French. Later, the same terrorist group criticized the Vatican for not initiating liberation talks. In 2017, when Pope Francis came to Colombia, Edgar tried to meet him. But it is impossible.

On May 20, a new video spread in fear and prayer for more than four years with the fifth survival test, which was always comforting to wait for the miracle of their freedom. “She looked tired, in the sun, but she said she was fine.” Last February they sent them a letter signed and signed:

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February 3 – 2021. Receive fraternal greetings. May the good God bless you and give you health. I was kidnapped for 4 years and now I am in a new group: the gym of Islam. Pray a lot for me. God bless you. I hope God will help me to gain freedom”.

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This Sunday, October 10, Sister Gloria Cecilia visited Pope Francis briefly at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. There, in Rome, he will rest for a few weeks on medical trials and at his community home. Edgar hopes he will return to Colombia soon. Although she does not know the date of her return, he is patiently waiting to embrace her again and celebrate freedom.

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